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Guess by Marciano Flagship store invited Glam to their private party on Wednesday night July 25, 2012. The private social gathering was for the new release of GQ Magazine. The atmosphere was very intimate and mellow, as wine was passed around- socialites mingled with one another, enjoying the time and company. When Glam arrived, the environment was too soft, so we decided to bring the excitement to the party. Being the fashion Paparazzi we are, we were able to get the party going by snapping shots of fashionable socialites.


The guests were intrigued by our stance and enjoyed our company. We also gave business cards as well as select invitations to our ‘ALL WHITE AFFAIR at THE TRUMP BAR’ for Saturday 8.11.12. The selected guests were excited to receive the invitation with open arms, we were so pleased with the positive response to our invitation that we didn’t notice the manager had a problem with us networking the crowd.




As the night came to an end, Glam decided it was time to depart. As Glam headed towards the door, the manager approached with an unhappy tone. We thought she was approaching to give a gift bag; instead she scolded and claimed we were soliciting- which is not tolerated in her store. With amazement, we didn’t understand why she was upset- we weren’t soliciting at all. As a reminder the true definition of solicitation is as follows- “refers to either the act of offering goods or services, or the act of attempting to purchase such goods or services.”


So in actuality, she was wrongfully accusing Glam for something opposite of what we were doing. Our business cards and flyers gave information of who we are and what events we’re having. Nothing to compete with a clothing store to say the least!


We really didn’t mean any harm, and we hope she understood that it wasn’t our intention to disrespect her or the store. Actually we hope we’re not blocked from any of their events for something so simple! But overall, it was a great party with interesting and fashionable people, offering a great socialite experience.



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