Grammy Weekend Recap 2015

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(February 7th 2015) First I must start by saying congrats to the Grammy committee for their 57th Anniversary.
After arriving on Saturday from cold New York to the warm sunshine in  Los Angeles, I cringed at the thought of going back to the cold.  After I got settled, I decided that my first stop would be the famous Sunset blvd to visit the Star of the great reggae icon Bob Marley.
With all my invites to the many Grammy parties my next stop was the Hollywood Hills Mansion Party that turned out to be a complete waste of time and outfit. After driving to the Mansion “turnt up” to get the party started, the owner of the Mansion crashed the party by shutting it down. I felt so bad for the promoters and those who took the shuttle bus there.

During my exit, I was happy to run into Bravo reality millionaires Brooklyn from  Blood Thicker than Water, who turned out to be nothing like her character on TV. She was fun and we took pictures on the wasted red carpet.  With all the plans to eat at the Mansion,  my tummy needed to be refilled and my friends and I decided to check out the Cheese cake factory on Beverly Drive where I ordered the only thing I recognized, the Jamaican dish.

After dinner it was time to check out the  Clive Davis party at the Beverly Hills hotel. The red carpet was popping with celebrities and media houses. The valet had their hands filled with all the big A-list vehicles that technology had to offer.

My next stop was Hollywood blvd to Check out Kenema Kingston, sister of Sean Kingston’s party. By the time I got there the line was getting crazy. Knowing me I had no intention of joining the waiting guests and made my way to the entrance. Maybe it was my big afro hairdo  styled by Rosaih Morrison  that allowed me and my guests to  be escorted to VIP.

After meeting and greeting some of the guests it was time for me to leave, I never saw Sean Kingston but I met one of my favorite designers the legendary Sue Wong who looked beautiful in her traditional wrap dress. Meeting her made my night. I then decided to check out the strip which was filled by then with drunken people. My client Jimmy Cozier met up with me and suggested another party. By then my aching feet were taking a toll on my ankles. So, I decided to call it a night.
(February 8th 2015) Sunday is finally here and it’s the most anticipated event of the year. The Grammy awards, the awards that tells us who was relevant in 2014. The red carpet brought out the best and worst fashionistas. Some celebrities really need to fire their stylists while some need to raise their pays.

Taylor Swift looked radiant in her turquoise gown, Nikki Minaj wore black and had her face contour so badly she looked angry. Queen B Beyonce also wore black, she wasn’t a hit or miss, she looked great but not “wow”. New rapper Iggy Azalea wore a helmet of braids on her head. I didn’t  like it  and I’m still not sure why she wore it.

The most shining award goes to Kim Kardashian who really thought she was popping. The only thing about that outfit I could ever think of pulling off was that circus shoulder banner. The dress did nothing for her curves and thank God she never broke the Internet for real with that heavy fabric. Her side kick Kanye wore black and got the award for being the biggest jerk.

Once again he tried to steal another artist’s shine.  Pharrell is the only artist I will not comment on but will ask where the fashion police are when we need them. RIP Joan Rivers who won a Grammy for her  spoken word Album. 
The Grammy was boring this year but had a few surprising moments.  Sam Smith told us he was gay and loving it. Annie Lennox and   Hozier took the audience to church  with their performance.   With the Grammy over it was time for the after parties which makes more sense because unlike the actual event that allowed only  the privileged get to bring cameras or cell phones.

My first party was the Grammy Nominee Green Carpet, shout out to my girl Francis from PS Media Talent for the invite. My next stop was Chateau Marmon the Warner Music  after party that had paparazzi lining the street. Thanks to my celebrity status and diva personality I was ushered in and I must say I partied like a rock star to the sounds of DJ Quiana.  

Celebrities included Mel B, Jaime Foxx, Jason Davis, Ed Sheeran, Russell Simmons, Courteney Cox, Tray Diggs, Model Jessica White and   Annie Lennox. 

Shout out to Arise Entertainment 350 host  Shannon Lanier,  Actor Jermaine Brantley and  CEO of Orchestrated Entertainment  Rodrick Sangster for putting up with my crazy weekend. 

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