Glam Chats With Winners Of Model Search Extravaganza 2013

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Male Winner Karl Layer

Glam: How hard was the competition for you to win?

Karl:  The male division had its highs & lows with competition. But I stayed positive and made sure I had contact with the judges, making it visible that I wanted the Win.

Glam:  How long have you been modeling?

Karl:  I’ve been modeling for three  years. Two  years doing Print Work and  one  year doing Runway

Glam:  What was the experience like?

Karl:  The experience was great.  It allowed me to get different feedback from the judges that I can use with me later on in my modeling career.

Glam:  What’s next for you?

Karl:  After “Rip the Runway” I plan to use that experience & be in more “High Fashion” shows. Then spreading my wings and be on a cover or in different magazines.




Asanat Akibu Female Winner

Glam:  Congrats to you Asanat  for winning Female Model Search Extravaganza 2013?

 Asanat:  Thank you. I have never won any competitions or even simple contests in my life so I was very shocked yet excited that I won.

Glam:  How did you prepared for the competition?

Asanat:  I made sure to write down everything I needed to do, bring, and practice on for the competition. I groomed myself the night before and practiced my walk in a full length mirror until I had it down to perfection.

Glam:  How long have you been modeling?

Asanat:  I started my modeling journey at 13 years old when I attended Barbizon Modeling school. Then I got signed when I was 16 years old to a 2 year contract with the Harman Agency (now called Wilhelmina of PA). After 18 I did mostly freelance gigs and got signed to Model Management Group NY in 2010. I still do freelance work to enhance my portfolio and to work with all ranges of people in the industry.

Glam:  What was the experience like?

Asanat:  I enjoyed the model search and got to meet some great people. Keturah Hamilton is amazing and helps me out a lot so I appreciate her for that. Models in the MD area do not often get opportunities like this one so I am happy that I will carry the torch for upcoming Model Extravaganza competitions. So far after winning, I have modeled in a fashion show in New York for one of the judges from the competition; Mr.Jason Christopher Peters. It was an amazing experience and I look forward to the upcoming opportunities.

Glam:  What’s next for you?

Asanat:  I  am currently working on my own clothing brand; Sha’Koju Clothing, that has done very well in the Nigerian market and will soon be launched in different boutiques in the USA. Besides that I am working hard on my career and achieving my goals one step at a time. Thank you Glam Sense Dives for the interview.

Glam: Congrats to you both. Keep us posted.

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