Glam Chats With Soul Singer ESNAVI

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esnvGlam:  Hi ESNAVI , thank you chatting with Glam! What words would best describe ESNAVI?
ESNAVI:  Thank you for interviewing me. I would say extraordinarily, different, captivating and exciting.
Glam:  Where are you from, and what does the name ESNAVI means?
ESNAVI:  I’m from another part of the world, but I was born in Milwaukee, WI. Esnavi means electric, soulful, natural, authentic, vivacious, intriguing.
Glam:  What kind of music describes you?
ESNAVI:  I don’t believe there is a one kind of music that could describe me. However, my vocal sound is soulful.
Glam:  You have performed at many different venues, which performance was your favorite?
ESNAVI:  Yes, I’ve had the opportunity to perform at a host of venues so far in my career. I would say one of my best performances was this year at the BET Music Matters Showcase at SOBs.
Glam:  Do you write your own songs, and what inspires you?
ESNAVI:  Yes, I write all of my songs. I’m inspired by real life experiences, social observations, and love.
Glam:  You were on BETJ LIST, what was that like?
ESNAVI:  It was my first time on television, so I didn’t know what to expect or how filming for TV, but it was a great experience.
Glam:  As a new artist, do you think if you are not taking off your clothes and singing sexual explicit music, it makes it harder for you to get a break?
ESNAVI:  The industry seems wide open to a lot of different things, so there is a market for it all. As far as what makes it harder for an artist to get a break is finding that audience that appeals to what the artist is delivering.
Glam:  You have a jazzy sound. Why that form of music?
ESNAVI:  I do incorporate some jazzy style vocals in some songs. I like to display vocal versatility as a singer, but jazz is not my form of music.
Glam:  What is your biggest accomplishment thus far?
ESNAVI:  Having a Top 40 Urban A/C hit song.
Glam:  As a black female do you experience discrimination?
ESNAVI:  Never!
Glam:  You work in an industry that is competitive. Have you ever experience sexual harassment?
ESNAVI:  Fortunately for me no, and I plan on never experiencing that.
Glam:  What is next for ESNAVI, and what projects are you working on?
ESNAVI:  I’m working on a lot of things. You’ll have to stay tuned to see what’s next. 🙂
Glam:  The music today is very sexual and filled of violence; do you think it is a bad influence on the younger generation?
ESNAVI:  Most definitely, children mimic what they hear and what they see until they are able to figure out who they are. The music industry is so influential and has such a strong impact on the younger generation.
Glam:  Who is your favorite artist?
ESNAVI:  Stevie Wonder.
Glam:  How do you deal with the pressure of pleasing your fans?
ESNAVI:  I don’t deal with any pressure with what I do. I do what comes natural to me, I must please myself and fulfill my purpose and hope that that pleases my fans.
Glam:  What are the “must haves” for a girl like you?
ESNAVI:  Lip gloss, fresh manicure, a big ring, and a hot pair of shoes.
Glam:  What would you tell other females who want to get into the music industry?
ESNAVI:  Proceed with caution. Results may vary.
Glam:  Tell us something about you that may surprise us?
ESNAVI:  I love playing tennis.
Glam:  What describes your fashion style?
ESNAVI:  Edgy glam!
Glam:  What do you think are the positive and negative things about fame?
ESNAVI:  Dealing with public opinion, the intrusion into your private life, and scrutiny would probably be the most negative thing about fame. Being known to the masses and the fortune that can follow fame and is rather positive, and makes it all worth it.
Glam:  Thanks again for chatting with us; we wish you the best, looking forward to see you making it worldwide. Please stay in touch and send us updates.
ESNAVI:  Thanks for exposing me to your readers and will do!

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