Glam Chats With Socialite Chantelle Fraser

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Glam: Hi Chantelle how are you?  Tell us who Chantelle is?

Chantelle: I am free spirited entrepreneur, witty, brit,  architect of my own life, and raw vegan food enthusiast.   I also, believe strongly that all things are possible through, dedication, action, and complete self belief.
 Glam: Where are you from?
Chantelle: I am British.  I was born and  raised in Birmingham, which is in the middle of England .   My heritage is Jamaica.  Both of my parents immigrates to England when they were children.
Glam: You have a very stricken look, were you ever a model?  
Chantelle: Thank you Diva.!  I did do some modeling as a teenager,  however,  I was always more attracted to the management side.   I always wanted to be in this business. From a young age  I always wanted to have my own company booking models and entertainers.
 Glam: You are the Founder of Flawless, tell us what services your company provides.
Chantelle: Flawless brings beauty , rhythm, and entertainment to live events.   Our model division offers high fashion models for live events and product promotions.    The models are booked for a variety of rolls including body paint models,  brand ambassadors, award presenters, and spokes models.  We even offer a unique “model bartending” service where clients can book beautiful models an catering staff for there events, this service is very popular with the hedge fund and fashion sets.  My company also, provides world class Dj’s that are fashion forward and trendsetting, we are doing a lot of fashion shows and vip product launch parties at the moment. This is my favorite division because I love music, and am always the first one on the dance floor . Lol
Glam: Why do you think your company is so successful?
Chantelle: Because we are flawless of course! I think that people are becoming more and more sophisticated when it comes to designing events, and are increasingly seeing the benefits of personal and business brand enhancement through beauty and entertainment.  Also, as a company I expect extremely high standards. My models not only have to be beautiful on the outside, but they must demonstrate class, poise and elegance, as well as high social intelligence.   This goes for all our talent,  they must to be on brand. I.E. FLAWLESS!  Our clients know they are in safe hands with us,  as a matter of fact Page Six magazine recently voted us as having “Manhattans Hottest Bartenders”.  In our office we live the brand, we strive for impeccability in everything we do!
Glam: You were one of the honoree at the “Beauty and Beat” award show, what was that like for you?  
Chantelle:  Oh boy! Being recognized as a heroine of excellence, was amazing!!!  I felt really proud , and felt particularly honored being called a role model, and am inspiration to other young career  women.  I hope that I can continue to inspire other women to follow their dreams, and create the lives that they deserve.
Glam: What are your favorite beauty products?
Chantelle: I love products from the sea, with a high mineral content. My favorite beauty brand that I swear by is ACURE .  They have a brightening facial scrub that  leaves my skin flawless.  I also, use Acure’s facial cleanser and oil control moisturizer.  At night I use Avibon, this is miracle product ! It’s a vitamin A cream.  You can only purchase it in France, but you can can order it off amazon.  Lancôme mascara for the longest lashes ever.  Tom Ford lipsticks, (just to feel real! lol)  Christian Dior foundation, silky natural finish!
Glam: Tell us something about you that may surprise us.  
Chantelle: My dog, Milkshake is professional model!  Everyone had to work in my family, lol.She makes $500 to $1000 per gig. I am a real stage mom
Glam: You have very nice hair. Share with us your secret treatments?

Chantelle: Minimal heat, I only put a flat iron on it once a week.   I use neem oil, which is what the women in India use for thick, luscious shiny hair.

Glam: What does beauty means to you?
Chantelle: Beauty is all about energy to me, radiating possitivity and love. 
Glam: What advice would you give other females who want to follow in your career path?   
Chantelle: My one piece of advice is let go of all fear. Fear is the biggest saboteur of success.  You don’t have to know exactly how you are going to get where you are going, just start the journey, and the path will reveal itself to you gradually.   
Glam: Do you ever see yourself doing reality TV?
Chantelle: My life is one big comedy act,  I feel very privileged to have had some once in a life time experiences.  Going to Michael Jackson’s never land ranch was one of my favorites.  Paris Hilton poured me a glass of wine and Janet Jackson rode around on a golf cart, while Vanilla Ice rode the bumper cars; it was all quite surreal, and over all hilarious.   I must admit my life would make for good TV! Lol
Glam: Well miss Fab, it was my pleasure to talk to you. Stay sweet.
Chantelle: My Pleasure too Miss Diva.(Laughing)

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