Glam Chats With Sassy

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  Glam; Hi Sassy how are you? Tell us how you got that name?

  Sassy: One day, Mama Jones and I were arguing; Mama Jones told me I need to stop with my “sassy” ass. From there the name was born. 

  Glam; Where are you from?

 Sassy: I’m from Hackensack, NJ.

Glam: You are Mama Jones friends, how and when did you both became friends?

 Sassy: First off She’s my big sista. Oh I can’t even count how many years we’ve been friends.

Glam: We know Mama is your good friend, how are you with the rest of the cast?

Sassy: Great, that’s my family!!

Glam:  Being a Mom, how big is your family? How do your children and family feel about you being on TV?

Sassy:  I’m a mother of 6. Of course my family is supportive and completely happy for me. My children are completely aware of what’s going on, but honestly still just look at me their normal mom.

Glam: Your show Chatt’n with Mama also premiered, what’s your role?

Sassy: Chatt’n With Mama is a show that Mama Jones and Donna Scott developed and I am the co-host.

Glam: What other projects are you working on?

 Sassy: Currently I am working on a clothing line for the voluptuous women of the world. This line will highlight the beauty that lies within all women.

Glam:  What describes your fashion style?

 Sassy:  I am very fashion forward with the respect to the trends, while I keep my unique flair alive in everything I wear. My favorite shoe would be from Pay-Less… Lol just kidding, honestly something comfortable and stylish.

Glam:    Tell us about  Mama Jones & Freddie, was there really a “love” connection there? Are you guys currently friends with him?

 Sassy: Girl bye don’t ask me nothing about no Mama Jones and Freddie, you know there wasn’t a real connection there!

  Glam: Why did you decide to do a reality show

Sassy:  Mama Jones tricked me into it. LOL

Glam: What do you have planned for giving back to your community? How does your community receive you?

 Sassy: Myself and Mama Jones are currently working toward opening a community center locally that will help autistic early childhood development and general services for woman and children.

Glam: What are the must haves for your pocket book?

 Sassy: Lip gloss, mirror, you girls know you have to keep feminine wipes to keep things fresh.  LOL

Glam:  Do you wear weave or is all that hair yours?

Sassy: Yes, I likes a weave but I am not bald-headed. LOL 

  Glam: What are the traits for your ideal spouse?

Sassy:  Don’t get any idea’s people I am already taken.

Glam; Thanks again hotty Sassy,no need to tell me that you are taken, love you girl, thanks for the interview.LOL

Sassy: Love you too Glam.

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