Glam Chats With Reality Star Mama Jones

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Glam:  Hi Mama Jones, thank you for taking the time out to chat with Glam!
Mama Jones:  I am fine, so is everything good with you?
Glam:  I’m fine, thanks for asking.
Glam:  Tell us what words describes Mama Jones?
Mama Jones:  A mystery, (Laughing)
Glam:  Looking at you, you look Chinese, and I am saying that in a respectful way, what DNA describes your features?(For all who is wondering why DNA, well Glam has her own Glam way of talking,lol)
Mama Jones:  Well the only thing I know is I am West Indian, and everyone is mixed somehow, not sure about Chinese.
Glam:  Where are you from?
Mama Jones:  I am from Aruba.
Glam:  Your Son is the rapper “Jim Jones” Were you and your son always close and can you tell us what you loved the most about him?
Mama Jones:  What I loved most about Jimmy is his smile; he is a very beautiful person. He is very good to his family. I love my Jimmy.
Glam:  You are a member of the Vh1 reality show Love and Hip Hop, how were you cast for that?
Mama Jones:  Well they were actually taping Jim and Chrissy and my Jim said if you want to see drama go into the house. When the crew came in I was screaming at my grandson. I then started to chase him around and he jumped into the parked car and I jumped in after him, and they all said you are in.
Glam:  The show portrays you as a ‘over protective mom’ and strong person. Is that really you?
Mama Jones:  I do have a strong personality, and I know I can be over protecting, but I also have a nice personality and what you get on TV is all me.
Glam:  The brawl between you and Chrissy was so intense. We are happy you both have resolved it, share some likeable traits of your daughter in law?
Mama Jones:  My daughter in law is someone like me, she is strong minded. She is very good for my son and I love her strong personality.
Glam:  Is Jim an only child?
Mama Jones:  Jimmy is the only boy, I have four girls, and the baby is twenty one.
Glam:  With all the drama with the Hip Hop world, do you ever have a fearful moment for your son?
Mama Jones:  Well I used to be very paranoid, worry all the time. But I asked God to helped me and I just gave my worries to him. Now I am good.
Glam:  You perfume line Pumkash, how did you come up with such a likeable name?
Mama Jones:  You know the old fashion way “Pum Pum” makes money. My son died laughing about the name, he said only you could come up with such a name.
Glam:  How did you feel about bringing the cameras in to reveal things normally not seen?
Mama Jones:  I laughed about it, when I looked at myself I said “that’s me?”. First it was all little bit funny. I don’t care about the camera or the celebrities, the cameras never bothered me. I am always myself.
Glam:  What is next for Mama Jones, and what projects are you working on?
Mama Jones:  I am working on my Psychotic Fashion Line. If you remembered Chrissy called me a psychotic Bitch, so I took it and ran with it. The line features T-shirt and dresses. Just now I am working on my hair line. I am a busy lady trying to make that money.
Glam:  I saw you walked the runway for Jason Christopher, your body was amazing, how do you stay in shape, and what workouts are your secret?
Mama Jones:  You know I don’t do the gym. I got my grand kids, I am always chasing them. That’s a lot of exercise.
Glam: What are you must haves for a lady like you?
Mama Jones:  My maze.
Glam:  Maze??
Mama Jones:  Yes I am a tiny woman, I need my protection. (Laughing)
Glam:  You are very creative with your hair; do you have a personal stylist?
Mama Jones:  Well thanks to KC who helped me out a lot. I love old fashion styles, I love styles with a little bit of crazy.
Glam:  Tell us something about you that may surprise us?
Mama Jones:  I am very passionate. I loved cats and dolls. For Christmas my son makes sure he buys me my doll house. I have many collections of dolls, my Barbie and porcelains are my babies.
Glam:  DOLLS??(Puzzled)
Mama Jones:  Yes dolls.(laughing)
Glam:  With your outspoken personality, do you think you are sometimes misjudged?
Mama Jones:  Yes majority of people misjudge me, and that’s not cool.
Glam:  Thanks again for chatting with us; we wish you the best with Pumkash!!
Mama Jones:  Thank you sweetie.
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