Glam Chats With Reality Star Mama Dee

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mama dee

Glam:  Hi Mama Dee, What’s good? Thank you for taking the time out to chat with Glam!

Mama Dee:  My pleasure

Glam:  Where are you from?

Mama Dee:  I am originally from Atlanta.

Glam:  You are a mom of rapper Lil’ Scrappy. Why did you agree to be a part of reality TV?

Mama Dee:  Everyone kept telling me that I needed my own show. If those other moms could, I could. They felt I deserved a chance to let people see the kind of mom I was.

Glam:  You are a lady with your own style of talking, is that street lingo?

Mama Dee:  I am from the streets, I am an ex pimp! I am not trying to glorify it. I just have to let people know my journey in life. There are many people from the streets, that don’t speak or have my lingo. My son always tells me that he should use some of my slangs in his songs. My slangs are natural; it just comes out of my mouth. It’s what I feel, I let out. 

Glam:  In the beginning, you were on Shay team, then as the show progressed. You had some change of heart about Erica. Why did you give your son consent to engage her? 

Mama Dee:  I knew them both. Erica is my granddaughter’s mother. Because of that, I have to give her certain respect. She is who she is and I can’t change that. 

Glam:  Did you know any of the other cast members before? 

Mama Dee:  Yes I did, Erica and Shay.

Glam:  Being the mom of a popular rapper, is Scrappy your only child? 

Mama Dee:  No, I also have a daughter named Jasmine. She is 26 years old. She has two kids. Scrappy has one. I have three grandkids.

Glam:  What was Scrappy like growing up?

Mama Dee:  He was a very good boy. Like every little boy, he got into mischief. He was always protected over the women. I remember when he was twelve, and I was out getting the Christmas layaway from Wal-Mart. Two masked men kicked the door in and put a gun to his head. He told one of the bad men that his sister was in the other room, and that no one was going to hurt her. The men in returned told him to go into the room with her and he better not come out.  My poor daughter slept through the entire ordeal. A week later, I saw a young girl wearing my jacket which was a part of the stolen items. I put a gun to her head and demanded my jacket. I don’t play that.

Glam:  You are the real gangster wife. (Laughing) 

Mama Dee:  I don’t play that game. No man is going to put their hands on me and make me cry. If I cry then his Mama has to cry too. I don’t play that!

Glam:  Tell us something about you that may surprise us? 

Mama Dee:  I love cooking and gardening. I enjoy leisure and dressing up. My mom used to make me dress up in 6 grade. She would let me wear lip gloss, eyeliner, and wedge shoes. I started wearing heels in 9 grade. She was training me to become a lady. I then became a runway model. Soon after, Scrappy father messed up my belly giving me stretch marks. Scrappy was 8 pounds 3 oz. I was 119 pounds before and shot up to 184 pounds. I never forget that!

Glam:  Do you think you are sometimes misjudged? 

Mama Dee:  People wonder why I am so close to my kids. The blogs say all kinds of things. My mother and I weren’t close. My mom would let my stepfather beat me and my brother. All I could remember were the fights in the house.  He would beat my mom. I remember one day my grandmother came over and he told her that he put a gun to my mom’s head. He went on to say the only reason he didn’t blow her brains out, was because of us kids. My grandma told my mom to pack and bring us to live with her. I remember hearing my mom saying no! My grandma just shook her head and said is she doesn’t want to help herself; there is nothing she could do. 

Glam:  Wow! You have been through a lot.

Mama Dee:  I have a book coming soon. I am a hustler and I get that money. I am so unlucky in love. I love to sing, I used to sit on the steps and listened to Aretha Franklin and sing “Bridge Over Trouble Waters”. Singing would be my only comfort… (Mama Dee starts sobbing) My grandmother would let me sing at church, I would lead the song… she would tell me that’s the only time my eyes would light up, and the church would be on fire. (Sobbing)

Glam:  Please don’t cry. It’s ok to talk about your painful past. Be strong, I know the past can hurt, but you have to let go and let the past be buried. I feel your pain.

Glam:  The blogs had it that you were not going to returned for the new season, because you shed a negative light on African American? 

Mama Dee:  I will be back with a vengeance. If they think season one was crazy, well think again!
This season is going to take over the world. What they say is going to be, isn’t going to be.

Glam:  Thanks again for chatting with us, can’t wait to see what Mama Dee is up to. (Laughing) 

Mama Dee:  Thanks Glam, watch out for my book my life in that order. Thanks for being interested in me.


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