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The new season of Tough Love is a whole new animal and host, Steve Ward is about to tackle his biggest challenge yet! The eight co-ed cast members will complete a series of irreverent and often difficult challenges. Each week, the progress that they make, both good and bad is put to the test. Some will find romance, while others land themselves in the hot seat – regardless, it’s sure to be a wild ride.

Can Porsche let go of her unreasonable standards and make a place in her heart for love? Watch the super-trailer of “Tough Love: Co-Ed” – starring Porsche Abraham HERE.

Hi Porsche  tell us how you got that name?

I have two beautiful older sisters named Mischa and Natosha, and clearly my mom couldn’t resist the urge to make our names rhyme. That, along with her wishful thinking brought about the name Porsche! 


Where are you from?

I’m from Houston, TX


Tell us about your show, “Tough Love: Co-Ed”

On this season of VH1’s “Tough Love: Co-Ed,” professional matchmaker, and host, Steve Ward uses brutally honest love lessons to help us learn why we are all still single.  Although there have been several seasons, this is the first to include both women and men in boot camp living under the same roof.  


Why did you decide to do reality TV? 

I decided to do “Tough Love: Co-Ed” because I haven’t had very much success with dating. I knew that Steve was known to give his unfiltered opinion, and boot camp would set me on the right track. I had to be honest with myself and truly tackle my dating dilemmas.


Being known as “Miss High Maintenance” how did you get that name?

Apparently I was pegged Miss High Maintenance on the show because I am successful in my career, I enjoy shopping, and I like to get dolled up in heels & wear make-up.  


Do you think you will ever find Love?

Absolutely, I believe that a right person will come along, in due season. 


What advice would you give other girls looking for love?

Stop looking! I think most women go “looking” for love and that’s where they go wrong. Instead, while you’re single, use this time to better yourself. When that special person comes along I’ll be the best me…you will be the best you, that you can be. 


How is fame treating you, what are the positive and negative sides?

It certainly has its pros and cons! It’s an amazing feeling to have people, who I don’t know, in my corner rooting for me. On the other hand, I run into a lot of people who assume that because I’m “High Maintenance” that I’m superficial, and that couldn’t be farther from the truth!


Your skin is very radiant, what’s your beauty secret?

Wow, thank you! Honey, it’s all make-up! No, seriously… I love Origins products. My favorite is the Mega Bright Serum.


Share with us 2 words that describe you?

Loyal & Outgoing


What other projects are you working on?

I’m a self-made businesswoman, so I am focusing on my business, which assists those with disabilities secure and maintain employment. I will continue to build my brand through philanthropic work as well as acting.


What describes your fashion style?

I think my fashion style is chic paralleled with avant-garde garb. I love being fashion forward, yet not too trendy while embracing a mix of fun colors, designers, vintage, and thrift finds.


Tell us something about you that may surprise us?

I’m a certified Special Education teacher, I taught for years before starting my company.


What are 2 must have items in your female pad?

Fresh flowers and an ultra-plush bed! Somehow fresh flowers encourage me to keep my home clean, and a plush bed… well, who doesn’t enjoy beauty rest?


What’s your secret on staying youthful and beautiful?

Living! Too often we are in a rush to get to the next location, job, vacation, or next year that we don’t take time to live and truly enjoy life. Quiet or meditation time is essential to my day. Working out often helps as well. My young mentees also keep me on my toes and let me know when I’m “acting old.” 


What are your must haves in your pocket book?

As I rummage through my handbag: Mints, touch-up make-up and lotion!


Do you wear weave or is all that hair yours?

Weave! What weave?! Ha, I’m kidding. One of my close friends has a line of hair extensions. It can be purchased at


What’s your ideal man? 

My ideal man loves God, can teach me things, is ambitious, and has great conversation.


Well, thanks for chatting with us, keep doing you. Hope your DIVA LIFE pay off and don’t forget to keep us updated on your quest for love.


My pleasure! I’ll definitely keep you posted, thanks!

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