Glam Chats With Music Artist Zieme

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Zieme-Ice-TGlam:  HI Zieme, what’s good?

Zieme:  I am great, just chilling.

Glam:  Tell us who Zieme is?

Zieme:  I am that guy who loves to meet new people. I am calm and I love positive people.

Glam:  Where are you originally from?

Zieme:  Brooklyn New York.

Glam:  What kind of Artist would you say you are?

Zieme:  A lot of people would say R&B., My mood controls my sound. R&B Hip Hop is the stamp.   But at the end of the day I am a versatile Artist.

Glam:  Do you write your own music, and what inspire your lyric?

Zieme:  Yes I do. I would say my mood, if I am not feeling good or I got some love issues. Even watching a movie can inspire me.

Glam:  Which Artist would you like to collaborate with?

Zieme:  I would love to do a calibration with Miquel and Tyrese. I also like Neyo, Beyonce and Usher. I try to match the Artist with my sound.

Glam:  What advice would you give other artist trying to get a break?

Zieme:  Try to have a promotional team. You are going to need a Public relations person to take care of your appearances. Many artists think they can do it by themselves, but in this competitive industry you really need a support team.

Glam:  You are signed to Actor Ice T Company, How did you meet Ice?

Zieme:  It’s a funny story, I was around my uncle Micky Benson and he would let me open up on his shows. Back then I used to be in a group and Ice used to come around. He always said I like Zieme by himself. One day I was performing alone at the Paradise Theater and Ice and Coco was there. He then asked “Is Zieme solo now”? And since then it is a rap!

Glam:  You will be celebrating your birthday with Ice T and Ed Lover on February 15at the Yotel Hotel, will you be performing?

Zieme:  Yes for sure.( Laughing)

Glam:  What should we expect?

Zieme:   I wanted to go crazy with production. But it’s going to be real sexy. I don’t want to give it away.

Glam:  What’s next for you and tell us about your new single?

Zieme:  My new single will be dropping March 5th. I will be having a video release party at Glow. That is  going to be crazy. My Web Site is launching soon. This will allow my fans to know me more personal on my journey.

Glam:  The Ladies love you, how do you know a genuine love from a groupie?

Zieme:  Oh man (Laughing) the type of person I am, I like talking to people.  Well it depends on what kind of relationship we keep.  It’s different if we get into whole other situation. (Laughing)

Glam:  Thanks again for chatting with Glam, can’t wait to hear you at Aquarius Celebration?

Zieme:  Thanks so much Glam.  I can’t wait  to bring it   February 15th.



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