Glam Chats With Mob Wives Love Majewski

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Glam:  Hi Love, thank you for taking the time out to chat with Glam!


Love:  Oh anytime. Anything I can do for Diva Madonna is my pleasure. I love all things Glam and I always enjoy staying ahead of the current trends in fashion, beauty and style. So I’m sure this will be a fun interview.(Smiling)


Glam: Tell us who Love Majewski is?


Love:  In a word “Relevant” If you haven’t heard of me then you will soon. I am poised for success and welcome all the rewards my hard work has granted me.

Glam:  You grew up in a ‘Mobster’ life, how has your childhood life molded you into the person you are today?


Love:  Everything I am I owe to the loving hand of my mother. I was raised by an amazing lady; she fought every day for everything we had made sure we felt loved while she did it. My mother is a firm believer in the lord and taught acceptance and tolerance for all. So if I learned anything from this lifestyle it’s the superhuman strength women have and that respect is not given but earned. Trust and Loyalty are critical to success and nothing lasts forever so appreciate the people and things you have while you have them because you never know when they will disappear.


Glam:  You are no stranger to crime; do you think the Mob gets a bad rap? And tell us how did  you get to become a part of the cast of Vh1 Mob Wives?



Love:  Reality shows often get a bad rap for being staged but Mob Wives is really our real lives. So I wasn’t cast, what you see is what you get. I have been friends with most of the Mob Wives  for years and hang out with them on a regular basis so it wasn’t so much adding me to the cast as it was not cutting me out anymore.


Glam:  Do you think the show portrays who you are?


Love:  Absolutely!  I’m aware that I can be quite controversial at  times and not everyone is going to agree with my actions or my opinions. In my defense I may not always do the right thing but I own my mistakes and in sharing my experiences. I hope that other young ladies can learn from them and avoid some of the choices I have made.

Glam:  Are you from Staten Island?


Love:  Born and  Raised. 

Glam:  Your Cosmetic line is doing very well; can you share with us how you got started?


Love:  My mother had a long career as a successful makeup artist in New York, so I was kind of born into cosmetics. At fourteen I worked my first job in cosmetic modeling and by seventeen  I took my first job as a makeup artist, through the years as my career progressed I kept a journal in which I reviewed all new products what would make them better or why I didn’t like them and the products I would create to fill what I considered holes in the market. That journal would later become the blueprint for VERITAS Cosmetics.


Glam:  With celebrity personalities, have you ever had a moment with any that let you lose your cool? (Laughing)


Love:  When I’m applying makeup I’m so fixate on my clients features I don’t really let much bother me but I will say that without giving away any names. I did have a celebrity client that battled alcoholism and  luckily now she has many years  clean  and sober.


Glam: I am African American, does all your products caters to all skin types?


Love:  Absolutely there is a division of Veritas known as Kali (which refers to the dark mother, the goddess of empowerment) that division if Veritas arose from my frustrations with the limited selection of quality cosmetics available to African American women.


Glam:  You are no stranger to the cameras; do you want to share your experiences about the Discovery documentary series “I married a Mobster”?


Love:  I really enjoyed working with Kaufman films and  Investigation Discovery on such a unique project. And I’ll be eternally grateful for the opportunity to have my story heard. It gave me a great feeling of empowerment to be able to speak out about what I had been through.


Glam:  What is next for Love, and what projects are you working on?


 Love:  Let’s just say you will be seeing a lot more of me in the not so distant future.


Glam:  Your hair look healthy, what’s your secret?


Love:  That’s all my hair no extensions at all I use hot rollers instead of a curling iron and I never use a flat iron they really damage your hair.


Glam:  Is there anything on camera, you have regrets sharing?


Love:  I signed up for a reality show; I intended to keep it as real as possible so I’m not keeping any secrets.


Glam:  How do you stay in shape, and what workout is your favorite?


Love:  I don’t I used to love Pilates but I just don’t have the time anymore hopefully this year I will get back to it.(  Laughing)


Glam:  What do you consider to be must haves?


Love:  Concealer and lashes.


Glam:  Do you think you are sometimes misjudged?


Love:  (Straight Face) Sometimes people make assumptions about me based on hearing I shot someone or I poisoned someone, until they hear the story. My only question is why not asked me? Just ask me why and I’ll be happy to fill in the blanks then you can call me whatever you want but until you know why, how you can criticize me?


Glam:  Who is your favorite designer?


Love:  I’m actually having a few favorites right now Michael kors has always been a favorite but I really love P.Luca for Barami and  I’ve recently discovered Nue by Shani so amazing.


Glam:  Thanks again for chatting with us; we wish you the best on your future endeavors!!


Love:  Thank you Glam 

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