Glam Chats With Miss Teen USA 2012 Logan West

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Glam:  Hi Logan how are you,what words would describe you?

 Logan:  I am doing great! I would say genuine, dedicated and loving.  What you see is what you get with me! I’m a hard worker and I go after what I want; I don’t expect things to just fall in my lap. And I have a huge heart! Behind the crown and sash I truly am just a regular 18 year old girl. 

 Glam: Where are you from?

Logan:  I am from Southington, Connecticut. 

  Glam: You are so beautiful, how do you stay so grounded?

Logan: Thank you! I think staying grounded is easy for me because I’ve never considered myself extremely beautiful so I never had a “big head” when it came to my looks. I mean facial beauty is nothing we can control; our parents gave us our faces, we didn’t choose them! I take pride in my personality rather than exterior beauty. I think the fact that my loved ones still treat me as the same old Logan never allows me to get too caught up in the glitz and glamour.

 Glam: What got you interested in doing pageants?

 Logan: I went to a dance studio where the majority of girls did pageants so I think I was bound to do one eventually! But it was my desire to take my anti-bullying program, Unite Against Bullies, to a national stage that made me sign up.  

  Glam: Do you remember the moment that you won Miss Teen USA, share with us that experience?

Logan:  Honestly I don’t! People had to tell me my reaction the next day because I didn’t remember! Thinking about it though, I get the same warm feeling I had in my heart when it came down to the final two. Never did I expect to win, I was just hoping to make top 16 so making it that far was unbelievable. I just remember being in pure shock. When I watch the video of my crowning all I can do is laugh at myself. I jumped up and down and I was screaming and hearing the crowd roar was incredible. It’s an indescribable feeling. (Laughing)

 Glam: The Miss Teen USA was held on the lovely island of Bahamas, what is your favorite attraction there?

Logan:  I’m a beach bum so I was in love with the white sand and clear water. The pageant was held at the Atlantis and paradise island was more than I could have ever expected. This year I’m going to swim with the dolphins so I’m beyond excited about that. 

  Glam: What are some of your duties has Miss Teen USA?

  Logan: First and foremost I’m a full time college student. Then I take on the job of being a positive teen role model so I get to not only promote Unite Against Bullies, but positive self esteem and ways to find your true inner beauty. I also get to do some really fun appearances like fashion week, attending Rangers games, and attending both the miss USA and miss universe pageants. 

 Glam: You have done so much traveling this year how has that experience changed you?

Logan:  I love traveling! I think that’s what I was looking forward to most. I think being able to travel really just made me appreciate home more, and helped me figure out where I want to live in the future!

Glam: How was it meeting and working with Donald Trump?

  Logan: It’s great he’s so nice! I was really scared to meet him because the only Donald Trump I knew was the one that said “you’re fired”. But he is honestly very kind and protective of his title holders. 

 Glam: You started your own Anti bulling Foundation; tell us about what inspired you to start a foundation?

 Logan: I was bullied for the first time in the 7th grade. After six months of being tortured and losing who I was I decided I would turn that negative experience around by creating a program that would teach students what exactly bulling is and how to stop it. 

Glam: How does it feel when other students share with you their stories dealing with bullies?

  Logan: It’s sad it really is, but if they are sharing that means they are seeking help and that’s exactly what I wanted them to get from the presentation. Bullying is something we can control and I want students to know that. If even one student is effected by my presentation then I am happy. 

Glam: What is your advice to children who are struggling with bulling?

Logan:  Say something! You can’t get help if people don’t know you need it. Don’t fear your bully and know that someone will be with you every step of the way. 

Glam: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Logan: I see myself as a college graduate dancing with the Alvin Ailey company. I can see myself living in NYC as an independent woman living life to the fullest. And who knows maybe competing for Miss USA or  Miss universe.  

Glam: Do you think Miss America is next?

 Logan: I have no idea! I’m just waiting to see what the future holds!

Glam: Thanks again for spending time with Glam, hope to see and hear amazing things  from you.

Logan: Thanks to you too.

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