Glam Chats With Love And Hiphop ATL Ariane

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 Glam: Hello to you Ariane, How are you doing?

Ariane: Hi!! I’m outstanding!! Thank you for asking.

It’s quit clear that your on the TV television show Love&HipHop Atlanta, How did it come about for you to get the role?

Ariane I was initially asked to do the show with someone I was dating at the time. That person declined the show, but Mona kept hearing my name and wanted to meet me. Upon meeting me, she had no idea Mimi and I were as close as we are…it just went from there. 

Glam: Where are you originally from?

Ariane: I was born in Clarksdale, MS and lived most of my childhood in a small town called Port Gibson, MS. 

 Glam: What adjectives best describes you?

Ariane: Mysterious, passionate, fun… I mean I could go on, but you get the point! Lol

 Glam: You are the peace keeper on the show, why do you think you get along with everyone?  

Ariane: I think because I’m such an-open minded person, I understand a lot of situations that people often judge. It’s not my place to judge anyone for their life choices, so I try to remain as neutral and fair as possible with everyone. 

 Glam:You are such a natural beauty, have you had any plastic surgery job done? 

  Ariane: Ummmmm absolutely NOT! Very comfortable in my skin! 

 Glam: Tell us about your career as a bartender?

  Ariane: I started working in the service industry about 10 years ago. I started as a cocktail server and I actually learned from watching my service bartender for years. Once I was asked to actually go behind the bar, I perfected my craft, and it’s been libation heaven for me ever since! 🙂

  Glam: What are some positive & negative attributes of being on a Reality TV?

   Araine: Lets start with the negatives: the negatives usually don’t matter to me but since you’re asking, I would say that overall, the show gets a lot of backlash from overly-opinionated people who have no idea what’s really going on in these peoples’ lives. They’re just getting glimpses, and passing judgement based on that. Unfair.  But I will say that the personal response that I receive is astoundingly positive. It’s surreal that some people actually cry when they meet me. It’s such a humbling experience, and I just hope to continue walking in faith and shining as bright as I’m supposed to…that’s what stars do, right? (*winking*)

Glam:Your make-up is always on point, give us some make-up tips?

  Ariane:I wish I did, but I honestly have no tips! My makeup artists can take all the credit for that! That said, I’m a lipgloss and lashes girl on an everyday basis…and possibly a red lip! 🙂

 Glam:  After coming out sort of speak on national television, how has the respond been so far?

Ariane: The response has been incredible. I’ve gotten so many emails and thank you comments about being brave. It’s inspired people to stand up for what they believe in, and be proud of who they are. It makes me smile and I’m proud of my choice to do what I did! 

 Glam: Whats next new projects are coming in the world of Ariane?

Ariane:Music, Mixology book(s), love, fashion..basically, ALL THINGS ARIANE! 

  Glam:What items are your “must haves” in your pocket book?

   Ariane: Money!!! Lol

 Glam:Tell us something about you that will surprise us?

 Ariane:I got teased as a kid for being dark and skinny. I mean, I was a cute kid but still got picked on. 

 Glam:What advice would you give others, who want to be apart of the reality show?

  Ariane: Be careful, and have an amazing attorney! 

  Glam: Thanks for chatting with us, we love your natural beauty, maybe you should consider acting or modelling.  Haha!! Sky’s the limit, so that could happen too. Thank you for having me!

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