Glam Chats With Jerseylicious Tracy Dimarco

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jerseylicious-tracy-dimarco-240ls091010Glam:  What words would describe Tracy?

Tracy:  Determined, hustler, dreamer, loyal, honest, loving, fierce, curvy, happy, and engaged!!

Glam:  Although I am the PETA of Marriage, I will say congrats (Laughing)

Tracy:  Thanks Glam

Glam:  Where are you from, and how was life like growing up?

Tracy:  I born and raised in North Jersey! Where our state color is leopard and glitter 🙂 it was amazing because we were all very expressive in NJ and I was able to have fun with my style and hair growing up!!

Glam:  You are a member of the Style Network reality show Jerseylicious, why did you agree to do reality TV?

Tracy:  I thought I would have fun, learn life lessons and didn’t want to turn down an experience of a life time!

Glam:  The show portrays you as a ‘diva’ and someone who takes no talk from anyone. Is that really you?

Tracy:  Yes and no- it shows me in a light where sometimes I look like a bully but I’m the opposite! I’m completely friendly and brutally honest – I’d rather be blunt with my honest opinion rather than be a liar!

Glam:  The brawl between Olivia and you made good TV. Have you resolved your friendship yet?

Tracy:  we are working on being civil- I just am over all the drama, and especially after I got stabbed in the back by a friend I learned not to trust anyone, and not to sweat the small stuff because the people who love you in life will love u forever- fck the rest.

Glam:  What is next for Tracy, and what projects are you working on?

Tracy:  I am working on my clothing line on

I have an upcoming makeup and jewelry line. I am also the new face of

Glam:  Is there anything on camera, you have regrets sharing?

Tracy:  No! because you live and learn about yourself when you’re watching from the outside.  I just wish Gigi knew when to keep her big ass mouth shut about my family because she blew the situation out of proportion and  lied about me and them.

Glam:  What are you must haves for a girl like you?

Tracy:  Hairspray, a good push up bra and lashes!!

Glam:  Tell us something about you that may surprise us?

Tracy:  I have a teeth obsession- I have severe OCD When it comes to brushing my teeth-brush 6 times a day sometimes more!

Glam:  With all the backlash of females from Reality shows, do you think the way women behavior in these shows, are setting any examples for our future female generations?

Tracy:  It’s easy to talk shit when you’re sitting in your home watching a show- to be in it is a lot different – don’t be naive and don’t be blinded by the bullshit.

Glam:  Thanks again for chatting with us, we wish you the best, hope you return for the next season of Jerseylicious, we need some more Tracy! (Laughing)

Tracy:  Xoxoxo always a pleasure

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