Glam Chats With Jersey Shore Angelina

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photo (6)Glam: Hi Angelina, thank you for taking the time out to chat with Glam!

Angelina: Thanks for the opportunity Glam…

Glam: Where are you from, and how was life like growing up?

Angelina: I was born and raised in Staten Island, New York. Life was good, the only thing was that my parents went through a tough divorce that stuck with me for awhile .

Glam: You are a member of the MTV reality show Jersey Shore, why did you agree to do reality TV?

Angelina: Yes I was part of MTV’s Jersey Shore; at first it was amazing, but then I wanted to leave. I left the first season only to see the show blow up and become a phenomenon!! I went back second season and had to deal with alot of torture and hurt from the cast. I left the show the second time because I was getting bullied and it wasn’t worth my sanity.

Glam: You left very early on the show. The brawl between you and the other cast members was heated. Why do you think you were disliked so early?

Angelina: The fights were heated because they were jealous that I walked off the show the first season and was asked to come back the second season. The cast heard that I was talking smack about them on the break, which I wasn’t.

Glam: Did you know any of the other cast members before?

Angelina: Yes, I knew Vinny and Mike The Situation

Glam: What is next for Angelina, and what projects are you working on?

Angelina: What is next for me is a few new shows. One that will be out this month (April), and another one I start filming the end of April. Also, I have a new song out called Serendipity and the music video is set to release soon. Also, I’m working on a book and a makeup line.

Glam: What are your favorite beauty products?

Angelina: My favorite beauty products are mascara and blush and of course lipstick. I just started using primer on my face also and it works like magic! Everyone’s got to buy the mascara called “Yes There Real” by Benefit it looks like I’m wearing fake lashes, but I’m not. lol

Glam: Do you have personal regrets about doing reality TV?

Angelina: Sometimes I regret doing reality tv because I can’t be a normal girl at the club or the mall anymore. People always stare now and sometimes there are haters which I’ve learned to ignore.

Glam: Tell us something about you that may surprise us?

Angelina: Something that may surprise people is that I’m actually a fun girl, and I usually get along with people if you just get to know me. I have a sweet side lol.

Glam: Do you think you are sometimes misjudged?

Angelina: Yes, sometimes I am misjudged because I was made out to be the villain and the bitch of the show; which isn’t always the case. I’m a straight shooter and I tell it how it is that doesn’t make me a bad person.

Glam: You have very nice hair, share with us your secret treatments?

Angelina: My hair is amazing because I don’t dye it a lot. I use conditioning treatments and get it cut regularly lol it’s all about moisturizing.

Glam: With all the fame and money made by the other cast. Do you ever regret leaving so soon?

Angelina: Yes, of course I regret leaving; but no one should go thru torture to make money. My sanity was more important and I’m happier than can be now with my life and my relationship. I have the best boyfriend in the world his name is Anthony. Actually, he is on the new show with me. lol

Glam: What would you tell other females who want to follow in your career path?

Angelina: What I would tell other females is to be yourself if you are gonna do reality. Don’t change for anyone and if you feel bullied don’t deal with it; just keep your head up high and keep walking like I did.

Glam: Thanks again for chatting with us, can’t wait to see what’s next for Angelina (lol)
Angelina: Thanks glam for everything. Xoxo


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