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Carissa Rosario is an international model, actress, singer and business woman. Her exotic beauty and charming personality led her to achieve so much over the years in her career. Carissa’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to create an upscale jewelery line, hand bags and now she has launched her latest enterprise-her Limited Edition Perfume called “Young and Fresh” by Christopher Joseph.
Glam had the opportunity to speak to Carissa Rosario about her Perfume line  at her preview/launch party at Yotel Hotel on March 29th 2012. She looked chic in her peplum LBD and sexy black Louboutins.  Celebrity reality stars Jennifer Williams  from basketball wives and Erica Mena from Love and Hip-Hop, to name a few came to support her and her new fragrance line.
Glam  can definitely say that The “Young and Fresh” Limited Edition Perfume is an attractive scent for all women. Its super vibrant, sexy, musky and edgy, offering an eerie trail for a strong, confident and sexy women. It’s made with grapefruit zest, rose petals and a seductive musk. If you are looking for an edgy and sexy perfume,look out for the “Young and Fresh” perfume by Christopher Joseph.  ~Krys KutieCheck out Glam Sense’s interview with Carissa Rosario at her Perfume Launch party:
Glam : Congratulations on the perfume, you’ve gone from model to entrepreneur; how does it feel to reach so much success in a short period of time?
Carissa Rosario: It’s very exciting! Such a humbling experience… all of this has been a life long dream, i’m so humbled.
Glam : So, tell us about your perfume?
Carissa Rosario: The perfume is called “Young and Fresh”; I wanted it to appeal to the young generation and the old..hence the name. It’s soft, sensual and refreshingly innocent that offers a floral fragrance of grapefruit zest, fresh rose petals and a provocative musk scent. This fragrance can really go from day to night, it’s delicate with a soft petal pink color that defines sexy and chic.
Glam : How did you know what you wanted the fragrance to smell like?
Carissa Rosario: I wanted this fragrance to work for everybody. PH is very important, we went through so many scents to find the right one. I’m really big on grapefruit and rose petal scents. It also has still water to offer a long shelf life. It’s just a fun and light fragrance to appeal to every women.
Glam: So what’s next for Carissa, what are you working on?
Carissa Rosario: I’m currently working on movie roles and television shows. I was on the ABC show “Big Time”, and i’m working on a spin off show. Also, i’m hoping to expand my beauty line and to create a men’s cologne.
Glam : Your a beautiful person inside and out with great business sense, where to you draw your confidence from?
Carissa Rosario: Thank You. To be honest, a lot of doors has closed in my face, which allowed me to have a thick skin. I’m also surrounded with a lot of support from family and friends. I’m just really humbled and appreciative to all my opportunities.
Glam : Who is your favorite designer?
Carissa Rosario: Alexander McQueen

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