Glam Chats With Celebrity Makeup Artist Ewan Walker

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 Glam:Hi Ewan how are you and where are you from?


 Ewan:I am great!  I was born in Portland Jamaica.


 Glam:  Tell us about your cosmetic line?

 Ewan: At Ewan Walker Beauty we revolutionize the concept of natural skin care using the simplest method the way nature intend, as we embrace the wisdom of invoking the science of nature for a more beautiful you ! Ewan walker Beauty is a new and exciting all natural cosmetic line using cutting edge formulas in its purest form. This skin care line is Innovative and is Essential for those who are in the pursuit of younger healthier skin; you are guaranteed result in your skin appearance a youthful glow. BEYOND BEAUTIFUL!


 Glam: How long are you into makeup artistry and why did you choose that as a career?


 Ewan: I did not choose it chose me! I have had a passion for beautifying people all my life however I have been working as a make-up artist for the past 15 years and I have had the pleasure of working with some of the most beautiful models and celebrities such as Monique, Sean Kingston, Chris Brown, Jessica Alba, and many others. I have contribute my artistic skill on cutting edge editorials, TV shows, music videos, movies, fashion shows and the list goes on .


 Glam: How do you choose what’s right for each individual skin type?


 Ewan: I assess the skin and allow the spirit to guide me. Whether choosing a foundation or skin treatment it’s a natural gift from God that I was born with.


 Glam: What are your products made from, and what inspires your vision?


 Ewan: Ewan Walker beauty products are made from minerals and botanicals in its purest form. I am inspired by nature and my grandfather who was a farmer and an herbalist.  I love to see joy rising from each individual I come across, that is why It gives me great pleasure to do what I do. My purpose in life is to see love emoting from each of God’s children.


 Glam: What advice would you give someone who suffers from a breakout?


 Ewan: I am a vegan vegetarian who believes we are what we eat. I often tell people your best skin care regimen is the foods we eat. I am very passionate about that. Beauty and health starts from the inside out!


 Glam: There are a million different cosmetic products on the market, what makes your brand so



 Ewan:  Ewan Walker beauty is in a class on its own.    We are the only brand that is originated from our cultural identity of Jamaica; we will not compete with others. We use the products we sell and practice what we preach. My business partner is director of Science affairs Joseph L. Patterson.  We ask ourselves why we do what we do, and it’s simple we are passionate to see everyone live there healthiest and best life emoting beauty.


 Glam: What products are available now, and will there be more?

  Ewan: Welcome! Look no further Ewan Walker Beauty gives you an amazing full coverage powder, foundation, sunscreen, and concealer all in one. For that radiant healthy complexion our products are not made with irritation preservative chemicals. You will be fabulous all day long. Pamper your lips with our alluring lip gloss such as Dancehall Queen or Crystal Spring made with natural ingredients. Hydrate your lips with our moisturizing formula. Our bronzers are to live for. It gives a healthy Caribbean glow, with a tropical essence. Only Ewan Walker Beauty can do this for you!


 Glam: Where can we find your products?

 Ewan: You can find our products at find us on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, or give us a call at 1-877-367-5734. Beyond Beautiful!


 Glam: Well Ewan congrats on all your accomplishments. It was nice speaking with you.

 Ewan: Thanks Glam.ewan056_DL-2_resize

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