Glam Chats With Boss Lady Debra Antney

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Deb_Antney-News_Exclusive2Glam:  Hi Debra Antney, thank you for taking the time out to chat with Glam!
Debra:  Thank you for wanting to interview me.
Glam:  Where are you from, and how did you get started in the music business?
Debra:  I am from Queens, NYC. I started charity worked. Everyone grew up together in
South Hollis, so I would get all the artists from there to take part in my charities. I started out with celebrities to reach children.
Glam:  It’s no secret that your childhood was not a bed of roses.  Do you believe that your childhood is responsible for teaching you the code of survival
and made you that strong business woman you are?
Debra:  I definitely do. I definitely, definitely do! It’s so funny that my sister and I were just talking about that this morning. We were trained that what went on at home, stayed at home. By all means necessary, we had to do what we had to do to survive. This was not in a negative way. The code of survival was my mom. She was not an educator, but a mom. All she wanted to be was a mom. I also came from a life of drugs, alcohol, and crime.  Although they were educated people with great jobs, they had lots of dysfunctional stories going on.  I thought my life was the real thing. I learn’t a lot from my childhood.
Glam:  You made an appearance on of the Vh1 reality show Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.  Why did you agree to do reality TV?
Debra:  It was not as much as doing realty TV. It was so funny that we were looking for Rasheda, and then I got a call from Mona saying Rasheda wanted to talk to me.  I remember telling them, “You can not tell me what to say, I will say what I want.” For me reality TV is just another part of the music business. (Laughing)
Glam:  You have made for yourself a name in the entertainment industry, what are some of your greatest accomplishments?
Debra:  My greatest accomplishments are being able to keep my head strong. If you are talking about people we would go with Nicki Minaj, Gucci Mane, French Mantano, Waka Flocka, Luck Luga, and Southside. I was able to opened doors and let people jump off their seats and become a topic.
Glam:  You are a woman in a man’s world. How do you differentiate mom and boss lady?
Debra:  You know something that is so funny. For the first time I admitted to my son that I had to take ownership. My brother is managing Waka Flocka. For a while I only wanted to be his mother.  Being his manager I have to tell him what to you, at that time I didn’t see it. One day we were at a business meeting and we were sitting around the table, he said something to me and I got up and walked away. Realizing that although he was my son, he was also a grown man. He wasn’t a little boy. I never really wanted to be his manager. As mothers we are always managers. You might not understand; my sons are not supposed to fail. Nothing that comes from me fails!
Glam:  You have been in this game for a long time, name some of the positive changes you have witness with hip hop music?
Debra:  Some of the positive changes I have seen are underground producers are able to go to the top and not have to take and give their music away for free. We get to stop music going into play market, with the ability to sell your music on ITunes artists are able to come from up from the streets and make money legally!
Glam:  You are the mother of rapper Waka Flocka Flame; at what age did you know he got the talent to become an artist?
Debra:  He never wanted to be an artist, he was a ball player. I lost my 10 year old son in 2010. My neighbor accidentally ran him over.  Because of that it was transition mode for all of us, he had no intention to do music. He knew Gucci Mane was in trouble, and we were falling apart. He decided to jump in and save us. Honestly he had no interest in entertainment.
Glam:  My condolence to you. You worked with many leading rappers, how did you meet Nicki Minaj?
Debra:  I met Nicki Minaj when I had a show with Gucci. Everyone knows I wanted a female artist, I wanted to open the door for females.  Everyone who knows me knows that is my passion. It was so funny that Nicki knew one of the securities, and she called. She said she needed a female to back her.  We got her the ticket and flew her into Atlanta.
Glam:  Tell us something about you that may surprise us?
Debra:  I love, love, love jabbering; I live to entertain people.  I love talking and having fun. One of my biggest hobbies is charity work that is my super, super love.
Glam: The buzz is that you are starting your own radio show, tell us about that?
Debra:  We got the internet radio, we trade partners with 105 radio. I am going to let it flow. I say what I want; the show will be about relationship and entertainment.  I am going to have many guests including many reality stars. I will try and teach the females to be back bones to their men. With me anything can happened. (Laughing)
Glam:  You are a lady with many hair styles. What inspires the styles?
Debra:  I do love to change my hair often. I am now wearing my own hair. Many people think I am bald, but in fact my real hair is longer than the weave. I love colors, and they go with my many moods. I’ve already diagnose myself with ADD so with me anything goes.  I am very comfortable in my own skin. (Laughing)
Glam:  What would you tell new artists, who are looking for success in the music world?
Debra:  You know what really hurt, is that everyone wants to be CEO. Everyone wants to be a boss, they want fast money, they come at you ragged then the next day they want Gucci and Prada. They don’t want to put in any work. Everyone doesn’t need a manager. A manager is a person who manages another person career. Why are you looking for a manager when you don’t have a career? They want the manager to do everything for them; I can only do what you allow me to do. I am here to enhance you, I can’t be you, I can only enhance you.
Glam:  Thanks again for chatting with us. Can’t wait to see you doing your own reality show (Laughing)
Debra:  Thank you too.(Laughing) That’s coming!

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