Glam Chats With Basketball Wives LA Brooke Bailey

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Glam:  Hi Brooke, thank for chatting with Glam! What words would best describe Brooke Bailey?

Brooke:  I am happy, humble, patient, driven and friendly. I could go on and on. (Laughing)

Glam:  Where are you from, and how was life like growing up?

Brooke:  I’m from south central Los Angeles. I had a pretty nice childhood. Not too   extravagant. I didn’t miss out on much either. I had my mom and my grandparents. My double Dutch ropes and Barbie’s.

Glam:  Do you have other siblings? And how does your family feel about your accomplishments?

Brooke:  I do. I have a brother with my mom. He and I are very close. On my dad side I have an older brother that I wish we had a better sibling relationship. I also have a younger brother and sister from my father that I have a great relationship with. They are younger than my youngest child so I hope that we can all continue to have a great family unit. I’m all about family.

Glam:  You are one of the members of the Vh1 reality show ‘Basketball Wives LA’, why did you agree to do reality TV?

Brooke:  I’ve worked in entertainment for about 6 years prior to BBWLA. This isn’t my first TV show or first reality show. I have a story and a very interesting life that a lot of young woman would like to see and understand. So, I decided to let them into my world.

Glam:  The show portrays you as a ‘diva’ and someone who takes no BS from anyone. Is that really you?

Brooke:  The show portrays me as who I am in different situations in life. I can be a diva and I definitely don’t deal with the BS.

Glam: Draya used to be your BFF. How do you know each other?

Brooke: Draya was never my BFF. Friends! We met through the industry.

Glam: The brawl between you and Draya was emotional for you-Are you guys friends? And do you think her apology was sincere?

Brooke: I’m very passionate about my friends and my family. I’m also very sensitive when it comes to anything pertaining them. We still have a lot that needs to be worked out. Friends go through things and if it’s true friendship its usually always a happy ending. I felt like what she said was sincere. But, I’m a true believer of actions speak louder than words.

Glam: Do you think other women are intimidated by you?

Brooke:  I wouldn’t say other woman is intimidated by me. More like they are confused on who I am or how I may react to them. They don’t know or don’t think that I’m very approachable. I do have a strong personality and I do capture the attention of people when I walk in the room. But, I’m very realistic and down to earth.

Glam:  You are also a print model, what is your biggest accomplishment thus far?

Brooke:  I think that all of the print work that I have done is an accomplishment. Every photographer that I have worked with has caught a different essence of me as a woman. It’s always really nice to see the finished work from hair, make up and wardrobe.

Glam:  How do you differentiate Motherhood from your reality star persona?

Brooke:  I have and will always be a mother first. People always ask “How do you juggle the two?” Being a mother isn’t something I ever think about. I just get up everyday and take care and raise my children. They are my greatest joy. They are why I have always worked so hard in life. I’m definitely doing a great job because my children are and have always excelled in academics, sports and music.

Glam:  You work in an industry that is competitive. Have you ever experience sexual harassment?

Brooke:  Never!

Glam:  What is next for Brooke, and what projects are you working on?

Brooke:  I am working on launching my lingerie line Touche Moi by Brooke Bailey

Glam:  You are also a video vixen, which video was your biggest project?

Brooke:  I’ve worked with some of the best musicians from Kanye West, Swizz Beatz, Lil Wayne, The Game, 50 cent, Akon, Snopp Dogg. I can go on and on.

Glam:  Is there anything on camera, you have regrets sharing?

Brooke:  I don’t have any regrets.

Glam:  You are known for the girl with the HOT BODY. How do you stay in shape, and what workouts is your favorite?

Brooke:  I love outdoor workouts. Hiking, jogging and I hit the gym as much as I can.

Glam:  What are the “must haves” for a girl like you?

Brooke:  I must have a ponytail holder, lip gloss, nail file, iPhone, earphones and charger.

Glam:  What would you tell other females who want to follow in your career path?

Brooke:  To make sure you have a plan. Just like in any career you may start at the bottom, but, keep your eye on the top and keep striving until you get there.

Glam:  Tell us something about you that may surprise us?

Brooke:  I’m really shy. When it comes to work I’m not at all, on a regular day. I’m shy until I get comfortable in my surroundings.

Glam:  Do you think you are sometimes misjudged?

Brooke:  Definitely, it’s sad that people feel like the career path that I have chosen defines me as a person or my parenting skills.

Glam:  You’re very fashionable. Who is your favorite designer?

Brooke:  I don’t have one favorite designer. I wear so many different designers from high end to low end. Fashion is a statement not a price tag. I love them ALL!

Glam:  With all the backlash of females from Reality shows, do you think the way women behave in these show, especially black women is setting any example(bad/good) for our future generations?

Brooke:  I set an example for my children in my home. Yes, I do understand that generations view us and want to duplicate our behavior. That is not always a bad thing. We as women no matter the ethnicity share a responsibility. That doesn’t mean that we can change the world for the better in day or one episode.

Glam:  Thanks again for chatting with us, we wish you the best Miss Brooke Bailey, hope you return for the next season of Basketball Wives LA, we need some more Brooke! (Laughing)

Brooke:  Thank you for the interview. You are awesome and I hope to have more to share with you with season!

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