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 I’m originally from Port-au-prince Haiti, I was raised in Stamford,Ct and have been here for over 25 yrs. it’s nice out here, and becoming a small Manhattan.

When did you decide you wanted to be an Actress?

 I decided to become an Actress after  many people suggest that I should.  I  then decided to act on it and take some classes.  I carefully studied the craft by the  daytime Actors. I remembered one time after watching a specific scene I cried on cue thinking about the time I almost lost my mom from a seizure.

Being a Haitian, do you think there is not enough Haitian Actresses in Hollywood?

 I definitely don’t think there’s enough Haitian Actors/Actresses in Hollywood..
The only successful one I know of is Garcelle Beauvais who is a great example of a Caribbean Actress from Haiti. She played on the Jamie Foxx Show from (1996-2001). I aspire to be a good and great Actress to make my parents and Haitian community proud.

 You are also a Makeup Artist, tell us about that experience?

 Women can transform when they have their face on. I started as a Skin Care Beauty Consultant, I showed women the correct way to apply their skincare and make-up, then I moved up to management position in Sales. I love make- up so much, yes I always love make-up. I enjoy seeing  when women wear makeup  their confidence level is high. it’s the only company I worked for that valued God 1st,family 2nd, and career 3rd. I realize  that once I do everything in this order I succeed.

 What preparation do you make for your role?

When I get a call from a Casting Director or Agent for a role or commercial audition, I first do my Actors warm up exercises to get my mouth ready to have a flawless performance. I find out information about the company I will be auditioning for, and get details on the Actors from the show I will be working with onset. This makes me prepared for conversations.

Tell us about some of the roles you have played?

 I had a few favorite roles from Saturday Night Live (SNL) when I played a Pretty young thang (PYT)  with 3 peeping Toms, playing opposite Andy Samberg and another SNL skit where I played main love interest opposite Charles Barkley,Kenan thompson and Jay Pharoah. One role that was important to me was my first Under 5(U5) from One Life To Live Where the Casting Director called me a few weeks to play a pregnant young teen. It was always a dream of mine to be on Soaps always view Soaps as one of the Elite daytime dramas. As a child watching it I always wanted to be on, but noticed it lacked diversity, so when I got that call I was excited and treated well on their set,so it was a dream come true for me.

 What are some of your greatest accomplishments?

 Being featured on Hip-Hop weekly was a great accomplishment for me because  I got recognition as an Actress to watch. Also receiving my SAG card which is a stamp in the entertainment industry saying you are an Actress and take your craft seriously.Also being a guest star on a hit show  One Life To Live  where they have a little more diversity than the other Soaps, and being on their set was such an amazing experience.

Which actor would you love to work with in the future?

 I would like to work with Omari Hardwick, Boris Kodjoe, Morris Chestnut,  Vivica A. Foxx or Taraji P. Henson. I think they are very talented  Actors  and Actresses. 

 What other projects are you working on?

I’m currently working a comedic projects, and dramatic shorts, on top of auditioning for Commercials.My publicist also keeps me busy with red carpet industry events.

 Tell us something about you, that may surprise us?

 People wouldn’t know that I’m really a great cook. I specialize in Caribbean  cuisine like rice and  beans, frying, and baking. I love to dance, I’m very funny, I love going to comedy shows and I’m a choir member at church. My faith is very important and non negotiable.

Where do you want to see yourself in the next 5 years?

 In the next five yrs I see myself working on current and new TV shows and movie projects with at least one Academy Award as a supporting/lead Actress.
Having two or three children with my husband, and traveling the world with my whole family.

  Well thanks for Chatting with us, hope to one day see you on the big Screens 2015.

Thanks so much for your time and interest in me, All the best with your Glamsensedivas!

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