Glam Chats With HairMadness Competition 2013 Winner Stephanie Moye

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Glam: Tell us who you are?

Stephanie: My name is Stephanie Moye an Award-Winning Fantasy Hair Designer throughout the US. I enjoy creating beauty, for instance when I create fantasy hair, included are costumes I design and create along with fantasy makeup.

Glam: Where are you from?
Pittsburgh, PA.

Glam: You are the winner of Hair Madness 2013, what was that like?

Stephanie: It felt amazing to win first place.

Glam: Was that your first competition?

Stephanie: No this is one of many competitions I have participated in.

Glam: You are very creative, what are your inspirations?

Stephanie: To be honest I have always had a vivid imagination since childhood, so many ideas are pulled from that.

Glam: Tell us about your company?

Stephanie: My hair salon is called Moye’ Hair Etc ! a Multi-Ethnic Hair Salon located in Pittsburgh, PA. I specialize in hair loss and hair growth. I enjoy enhancing others beauty. I also do many extensions natural, weaves, and fusions. The salon is very laid back with personalized services, so clients don’t sit all day with their hair wet from overbooking. Most of my clients fill a sister-friend rapport with me, to the point it doesn’t feel like work we’re all choppin it up and having a good time.

Glam: What is next for Stephanie, and what projects are you working on?

Stephanie: Now my major focus is college receiving my Bachelors of Arts degree in fashion design. In the mix I probably will do some fashion shows and hair shows.

Glam: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Stephanie: Well I’m asking God to lead me on this one I have some set goals, however I want to make sure they are the right moves.

Glam: Tell us something about you that may surprise us?

Stephanie: I still get down on the dance floor.

Glam: What’s your biggest accomplishments?

Stephanie: Purchasing my own building in which my salon is located in.

Glam: Being in this business, what are some of the positive things?

Stephanie: No one can control my destiny.

Glam: It was a pleasure speaking with you, best wishes.

Stephanie: xoxo

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