Glam chat with Actor Julito

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Glam:  Hi Julito how are you?

Julito:  I am good, happy to be working again

Glam:  We all know you from the Movie series shot in Baltimore “The Wire”, how did you become a part of such a amazing cast?

 Julito:  Well I audition like everyone else, thousands of kids tried out and I got the role, and I am so grateful to work with such a amazing cast

Glam:  You played Namond, how did you prepared for the role?

Julito:  I didn’t do much preparation, he and I are so a like, being from Brooklyn helped his Dad was a druggist and my decease Dad was also, I was born to play him.

Glam:  The show is over; do you keep in touch with the other cast member?

Julito:  Yea we all try to; we were a close nit family.

Glam:  What are you doing now?

Julito:  I took time off to learn the business, I just did a movie called “The inevitable defeat of Mister Pete”, with Jennifer Hudson and Jordan Sparks, it was shot in Brooklyn, I played a character named Dip Strip who is the villain of the movie, the story line is based on two kids trying to stay alive in the streets of Brooklyn, and i gave every one hell, you all are gonna hate me, lol, but if you do at least I am sure I played the role great, lol

Glam:  Where are you originally from?

Julito:  Brooklyn but my parents are Columbians and Panamanians, I am American but I stay true to my roots

Glam:  How is your respect in the streets?

Julito:  100% The Wire is the hood favorite movie, its off going four years, but people still recognize me, they come up to me every day and shake my hands

Glam:  Did you make lot of money from The Wire?

Julito:  lol, we did ok, I didn’t make a million, but I can’t complain

Glam:  Who do you admire in show business?

Julito:  Jay z and President Obama, Obama is not in show biz but i look up to him, Jay is my idol, i am fan of many people, but i love these two

Glam:  Heard you were working with Jennifer Hudson, tell us about that?

Julito:  Jennifer is cool. We weren’t in the same scene but she is very professional and kind, you are going to like her lot

Glam:  How old are you, if you don’t mind me asking?

Julito:  lol, I knew you’d ask, I am twenty one, my birthday is coming up  in December.

Glam:  Baby (laughing)

Glam:  How do you describe your sense of style?

Julito:  I don’t know, I don’t have a special style, I still match colors, I don’t really, I consider myself a plain guy, whatever looks good i am fine with it.

Glam:  What would you tell other young actor that want to get involved in the movie industry?

Julito:  pause…my advice would be first to learn the business, you have to know the game, study your craft and be prepared for rejections.

Glam:  Where do you want to see yourself in the next 5 years?

Julito:  In the next five years, I would love to have a couple films under my belt..not trying to be rich but to be happy, throw in a Emmy too, lol

Glam:  If you didn’t become an actor, what other career would you want to do?

Julito:  Journalism went to High School for that, I love to write and read, lol probably doing what you doing.

Glam: Do you ever see yourself as a Director?

Julito:  For sure, I would love to, think i would go to college to learn how to be great.

Glam:  Well thanks for the chat, can’t wait to see you on a Billboard in Time Square and say i know him, lol

Julito:  well Glam lol, I was already on a Billboard on 42st promoting “The Wire”, but i need another one.

Glam:  (whispering) Will we see another Wire?

Julito:  lol, you all have to wait and see…

On Mon, Sep 24, 2012

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