Glam chat with the original DJ spindarella from Salt n Pepa

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 Who is Spindarella? 

Spindarella: I’m a musician, producer, DJ, MC, dancer,vocalist, teacher, business oriented mom, &HIPHOP-Legend. Lol

As far as my history-Well I am Spin -the first female DJ to go mainstream with the multiplatinum selling all female trio Rap girl group sensation in the 80’s -Salt n Pepa! I am their first DJ addition to the duo. My real name is Latoya Hanson but got the nickname The Original DJ SPINDARELLA.   

Glamsense: How did you get the name Spindarella?

Spindarella: I got the name from the WaltDisney icon Cinderella. What little girl didn’t love Cinderella’s story, it fit me so well that my DJ friend coined me “Spinderella” because I love to spin records and wore a Cinderella watch,I was twelve at the time.

Glamsense: How long were you in the entertainment business and how did you get started?

Spindarella: I’ve been in this game for years, even before I was with salt n pepa but as a DJ, I met Pepa before I joined the duo, it was TLarock and his brother Special K thou from the Ol’Skool group “the treacherous three mc’s” they made that crazy hit “feel the heartbeat” (the tanya gardner mix) I know u remember that, yup!! Well that’s how it all started.

Glamsense: You were the original member of Salt n Pepa, How did you link up with the girls and what caused you to leave the group?Spindarella: They were hard to work with, we were young, they were immature to the business and didn’t understand professionalism Where as I did, so I split and moved on had a family but continued to work behind the scenes Supporting others until i was ready to be in the spot light again.

Glamsense: The Internet had news about you and the other Spindirella having beef tell us about it?

Spindarella: Well anyone can say anything in Wikipedia and yes they have everything mixup!! (in her jamaican accent) lol. Im trying to contact them to fix the problem asap, its confusing to my fans and friends not to mention my family. They’re like ‘whuuut!!’ Dee-dee Roper is not The Original Spindarella, Spinderella I don’t care who she think she is!! And I have to keep them calm. The problem is that the group put a battery in her back and made her believe she is (ME) The Original Spinderella, Spindarella OGSPIN, SPIN, no matter how u put it down…There is only 1 official and that’s MUUAH!   Archive it if u must, Spindarella represents a movement ,hip-hop movement, its not a game!

Glamsense: Since then you have been under the radar, what’s LaToya up too these days?

Spindarella: Working on my projects, My artists, I have a 13 year old rapper by the name of TWIZZY. Working on her single debut and video as we speak,the title is “Twizzy’s offiicial “produced by myself and my production team I have a small rooster of artist under my umbrella coming out . Plus my book, movies, biography Etc. trust  I’m busy.;-)

Glamsense: We have hanged out at the same parties before, and the media/press still know you and love you, why do you think that is?

Spindarella: I think its my aura , my demeanor, some say I glow, I’m humble I don’t mind turning it up for the cameras. They know I’m Legendary, better get the goods while its hot lol ,I cant call it 10years from now ,looool;-)))) nah but i think they sense real people, and that I like who I am and they don’t see me often. They say I’m photogenic; they must like what they see because they sure snap alot. lol

Glamsense: The name Spindarella belongs to whom? And do you think you have the same rights to use the name still?

Spindarella: Rights?? Of course I have the right to use my name, the people know who I am, they bought our “Hot,Cool,Viscious” album with who’s faces on the front and back? Whose voice and work on it ? Mines and salt n pepa ‘s, -Sandy Denton, Cheryl James and Latoya Hanson. We went to court -meaning the girls and I, and the judge said” It was public domain due to blah blah blah-Meaning: I can do whatever I wanted. At the time( Dee Dee ) wasn’t even in the picture at all. So how she gonna get on national television and perpetrate a fraud, I don’t know how she does it and keep face, I wouldn’t want to say my name is Michelle Obama and front like I’m the Presidents wife ,lol (Lmao)  thats like RUNDMC get a new DJ and call him JAMMASTER JAY,  really!!!!!( Smh).

Glamsense: Do you ever talk or run into the other girls?

Spindarella: Not on a regular, We happen to bump heads at the Concert hall “Paradise theatre” in NYC in the BX, the home of hip hop So you know I had to show face and represent hip-hop ,we took flicks, Chopped it up just a touch. They were surprised to see me. THE ROOM WAS SILENT for a few ,then photogs started flickin away.

Glamsense: You are a beautiful woman, how do you keep in shape?

Spindarella: I don’t over indulge in anything-Alcohol or food ,drug free, I work out on a regular, dancing, belly dance Zumba, hip-hop ,jamaican, salsa, merengue, socca, I gets down. I love dance workout better than Machines I guess. Because I DJ, I love the music aspect of it. Plus I eat right. I Take care of my skin and Donna Scott helps me do that too. Her products are amazing, while Kim Baker- my makeup consultant helps me to look fresh and Glamsense diva Madonna keeps me BAM!!! In your face,lo

lGlamsense: My favorite question to you is what are your must haves in your pocket book?

Spindarella: Sister Girlfriend, Cold Cold Cash,Stacks,Chips,Racks,mulah, Doe,Bread!!! Lol Ummm, alot of lip glossssessss,too  😉 nah ! cheddar for real, powder, makeup brush, lip balm, gum ,hand sanitizer and my lucky charm.

Glamsense: Where do you see Spindarella going from here, and do you have any future plans to get back into being a DJ?

Spindarella: Whuuuttt !!! Are u madddd….Of course! That’s like asking Will I ever drink water again. Thats definitely on my to do list Where ever I am I always look for the dj like when I was a little girl and go over and shake the dj ‘s hand take a flick and chop it up with them all ,male and female. I’m a proud Legendary female hip-hop Dj ,the Most famous ground breaking, I helped to pave the way for all female dj’s to express themselves through the art of dj’n from the streets to radio and corporate America- I AM PROUD to hold that title.

Glamsense: As a female DJ ,was it hard for you? Were you given the same respect?

Spindarella:Yup it certainly was, considering there were only a hand full of females, as a producer -the males were chosen over me, guys were arrogant ,jealous, conceited and sometimes try to sabotage your set, some guys who weren’t dj’s would say they were dj’s to record company’s who clearly didn’t know better just to steal a production job from a female dj .but that’s some , and that’s only because it was a male dominated craft ,if they know you then its all love, you just gotta hold your own, but i gotta say most of the guys spoiled me, lol that’s the advantage and blessings of being pretty lol and knowing your craft helps. Lol

boy do I have some stories to tell guys, but that’s for my book! ;-))) no title and no date yet, next year though.

Glamsense:  What do you say to other DJ that wants to get their break in the industry?

Spindarella: Lets say it is challenging, Some are receptive some not. Sometimes this can be hard when it comes to getting hired for clubs only because you haven’t created a buzz, but once you establish that demand ,your good. Keep your dreams on a short leash.Keep your dreams close. Keep your haters closer ,in view only. Don’t let nobody switch your gears. Only you can do you.Do you like its going out of style

Glamsense: Well thank you so much for taking the time to chat with Glam, we wish you and your daughter much success.

Spindarella: Thanx GLAMSENSE, stay up!!!!!!!!!! ***TheOriginal Spindarella

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