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Glam: Thanks for taking the time to chat with Glam
Rayvon: Thanks for the interview. It feels great and a wonderful blessing to be able to get up and bring music to the world.
Glam: You are an international artist, and have given us hits after hits, what are your inspirations behind your music?
Rayvon: Traveling around the world has influenced my music. Because of my expediencies of different sounds and cultures, many have inspired me.
Glam: How did you get started in the music industry, and how did you and shaggy become a duo?
Rayvon: I got started as a drummer when I was a kid, my family called me ‘lil drummer boy. Later coming to the USA, I went to music school to learn the bass guitar. I also was a DJ at a young age with a full rap group. I was inspired to do reggae music around the age of 14 from going to a reggae concert. I practiced my skill until I was able to do it as a career.
Glam: You have managed to stay relevant, unlike others that faded away. why do you think your music is timeless?
Rayvon: I think my music is timeless because I try to stay in the time of the music, the music styles are always changing and you have keep up.
Glam: Your new single ‘Selecta’ is heating up the international charts, why did you go back to that old reggae sound?
Rayvon: I think the single “Selecta” is heating up the place because it’s an original style of ‘rub a dub’ reggae. Which, is part of dance hall along with paying tribute to the dj/selecta.
Glam: How hard is it for new artists wanting to break into the industry? What’s your advice to them?
Rayvon: It’s very hard for a new artist because you really should go as an independent artist, which will require some money… maybe a lot of money to get you started and in the door with the big players. You have to have a real love for music also until something breaks for you.
Glam: It’s always Shaggy and Rayvon, do you ever think people will allow Rayvon to stand alone?
Rayvon: Yes, the fans will get Rayvon on a lot of solo projects, also some with my long time sparring peer- Shaggy.
Glam: What new projects are you currently working on?
Rayvon: Make sure you check out my latest cd entitled “Rayvon” on the GTC label it stands for get that cheddar! This is my own independent label. Cds are available on all online sites. Also, I’m currently pushing the single “Wedding Song” off the “Rayvon” cd with the remix feat Shaggy. Another single “One N Only” also doing well … check the dance on ‘YouTube’ the kids have it lock!. Also new single on the Calabash riddim called “One More Shot” it’s a madd club tune, so we’re working hard.
Glam: You have traveled the world, tell us which countries are your favorite?
Rayvon: Going to Cuba was an excellent experience. I played a free show for the US troops, their families and the staff at Guantanamo Bay. It was a full house…the crowd enjoyed over an hour of some good reggae music…for me it was a blessing. It’s really hard to say a favorite  place. I love places in Africa, the Caribbean, and Europe.
Glam: Who is your favorite artist and why?
Rayvon: I don’t have a favorite artist…I just like any artist that brings out good music because I am a lover of all genres.
Glam: If you weren’t an artist, what other career would you have chosen?
Rayvon: If I wasn’t an artist I might have chosen to be a detective, cause I know how to find out things ( lol ) and solve problems.
  Glam: How do you stay in shape?
Rayvon: In this business you have to stay in shape. Lots of long flights and road trips can have a wear and tear on the body so you have to rest up and eat healthy and try joining a gym.
Glam: How do you balance family and career, with all your traveling?
Rayvon: It’s hard to balance family and the career, as a matter of fact it is one of the hardest things to do, but where there is a will …must be a way because that is important!
Glam: Well it’s our pleasure chatting with you, best wishes to you, and don’t forget to invite us to your next event.
Rayvon: My pleasure too, Glam always give Rayvon love. Thanks for always supporting my career, as for the rest of 2012…I’m gonna stay busy giving it to them lol….Oct heading to Mexico City.. Then on to Colombia, Chili, and more to come, and of course you are on the top of my invite list, lol
You can keep up with me on twitter @1Rayvon…also!

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