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Clean Ops is a short film series about an agency that trains inner city kids in the performing arts as well as training them in the art of being an assassin. “Its Xmen meets The Professional” The first installment is called The Chronicles of V starring Gloria Govan a trained ballerina by day and an assassin by night who gets her assignments from a mysterious figure only known as Mr Drop. The series is being developed into a comic book franchise, feature film, mobile game and television series. Well Glam had a chance to catch up with Gloria and we had a little chat.

Glam: Hi Gloria thanks for chatting with Glamsense Divas. Tell us who Gloria is?

Gloria: That’s a great question. Gloria is a mother, a cook, a wife. I feel like I am that girl next door-you know really relatable, people say- “you act like your relationship is perfect”, but it is not that, I am still young and have much to offer, Gloria is me I guess. lol

Glam: With all the drama on season one of Basketball Wives La , how is the new season going so far?

Gloria: I only stayed busy,during the summer,outside of basketball wives I am involve in other projects,or traveling-this season is no different. I think it gonna be ok, we have two more new cast members and with that sometimes it change the dynamic of the crew, and sometimes adds drama…for me it was ok. With my film project, it was hard finding time to film between the two, but overall I am generally very happy about how things turned out.

Glam: We met you first on the original Basketball Wives with Shaunie, how did you get casted for Basketball Wives LA?

Gloria: well moving to LA- it was the reason for the spin off . When Matt got traded to the Lakers, VH1 approached me about doing the LA spin off. Coming in the first seasons, a lot of the cast member were asking a lot of questions in regard to how do I separate reality TV from real life?! …it was easy for me, honestly to transition, from Miami to LA, I wasn’t one of the producers, but I a got a chance to scout out talents and choose the group I wanted to work with. I recruited them- guess you can say I put on my producer’s hat without getting any credit! lol

Glam: You don’t look like the girl who likes attention, so why do you do Reality shows?

Gloria: lol,you know it is funny, I am a very private-extremely private person. I don’t like people asking me questions about me and my family. I understand it comes with the territory, but it was a opportunity for me to build my brand! If you use this opportunity the right way- so many other doors will open, so I can say it is offering me great opportunities. So I knew I had to swallow the fame that came with it.

Glam: You didn’t really make a lot of ‘BFF’ on the shows, why is that?

Gloria: I am very very cautious who I let in my circle- my world I guess. I don’t gain friends so fast, I have to vibe with your energy…I have to see how you handle certain situations. Friends are people who I invite to my son party or my parents 60th anniversary. I don’t let people in so easy, I take my friends very seriously, I am your ride and die chick!!!! If I am your friend, I will jump in front of a bus for you!

Glam: Are you working on any projects?

Gloria: oh yes, a film series, I have a cookbook coming out entitled, “GLORIA GOVAN: A Mixed Girl’s family Recipes.” I have just Finished up my short film called Clean Op’s, where I play a female assassin. I am also working as a TV host on a talk show called Backstage Confidential where I had the chance to interview Celebrities like Chris Brown, Kevin Hart and Bill Bellamy.

Glam: On the show, you showed viewers your interest in cooking, are you going to pursue this passion of yours?

Gloria: lol, honestly, my parents owns night clubs and my grandma was a great cook. I would love to open a restaurant in LA, but right now I am so busy, my cookbook is coming out soon digitally via iTunes and I went to China with Matt a few weeks ago and tasted some good food there, but when the time is right I will definitely want my own restaurant.

Glam: Glam found out about your role as a ‘Assassin V’, how did you get into character for that?

Gloria: I audition for the role. I got chosen out of two hundred girls,I work out three times a day, for three week straight. It was incredible, I had to learn ballet, weapons training and taekwondo that is what I was talking about-when I said a busy schedule, but I am very honored for my opportunities.

Glam: So now with all your training, glam is sure the other girls will stay away?

Gloria: lol, I stay away from confrontations and I am a big advocate of non violence. It is difficult because people will try and test you, but having my new found skills, I said what! I will chop someone,lol.

Glam: Being in show business, how do you deal with the Fame that comes with it?

Gloria: Honestly, I do it for the fans, I think thats’ why I allow it.I have adjusted too, I am bless to have it and that’s what makes me take time out to take a picture or email or engage my fans via twitter, fame has been good to me.

Glam: You are also a Host, and I must say the camera loves you, do you enjoy being in front of the camera as a host?

Gloria: I love the camera, being the one asking the questions is my passion.

Glam: You look like a go getter, in the next five years, where do you want to be in your life?

Gloria: Yea… honestly I am, I was under my sister’s and Matt’s shadow for a long time. Now that I have this opportunity, I want to be in about three more leading films. I would love to be a producer and in terms of family-the factory still works but it is close for now, don’t know what the next five years holds, but I am excited.

Glam: Tell us something about you that would surprise your fans?

Gloria: I am really very funny, if I ever came back reincarnated I would love to be a rapper, I love to rap, I know I suck, lol. Also I love to collect porcelain pigs, I have over sixty, I keep them in a case.

Glam: Who is your favorite designer?

Gloria: I am not a label whore, I love creativity, Alexander Mc Queen would be my favorite, I love Prada and Versace, Tom Ford is also very creative, I admire Victoria Becham for her style, and give credit to the Olsen twins designs.

Glam: What are your must haves in your bag?

Gloria: You can always find wipes, I am a mom, never leave home without it, my lip gloss and mascara. I love to read and you can always find a book in my pocket book. I always read on the go.

Glam: If you could erase any moment on camera, what would it be and why?

Gloria: My relationship with Matt, only because I gave people too much, it was very hard for me, people had to much to say, and with all the emotional and roller coaster moments, I regret sharing that.

Glam: How is motherhood treating you?

Gloria: My boys will be four this month, they taught me so much, they gave me my go getter spirit. I work for them, I want them not to want for anything!!! Being a mom is a miracle and a blessing and no money or anything could trade places with that.

Glam: Thank you so much for your time, we wish you the best on your future endeavors’.

Gloria: Thanks again Glam, for this opportunity, I enjoyed your questions, thanks again.

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