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Designer Tal Sheyn has come a long way since her modest beginnings in Israel. She realized her dreams and has continued to move forward ever since. Her profession as advanced from being a cosmetology instructor in Israel, to being a major designer all over the country. She is a designer not only of make-up artistry, but costume design and couture; She now works with Mrs. Alexis Bellino from the Orange County Housewives on Bravo. Her clients span the globe from South America, Canada, Russia, UK and through out the US.Her designs are stunning, bold and imaginative, with a high-end twist to be worn from day to night. Her vision for her line is to make every woman feel sexy and young, but with a look of class and high-end style.Viewing her garments you will see her creativity, dedication and drive!

Glam had the honor of chatting with this rising designer!!




Glam: Hi Tal, thanks for chatting with us. Tell us about where you’re from and how long have you been in the fashion industry?



Tal: “Hi glam, thank you u for interviewing me. I have been in this business for ten years; I started out as a Makeup Artist. Four years ago, I was hired to do make- up for a fashion show, but I ended up producing the entire show! I did swimsuit, cover up …I made everything. After the show, I received great reviews, so I ended up turning my living room into a showroom; I bought two sewing machines and found myself a seamstress. All of a sudden, orders began to flow in and the sky has been the limit since!”



Glam: So you started in this industry as a Cosmetologist in Israel to being a major Cosmetologist in Europe, how was that like?



Tal: “Well it’s been great, I did make-up for photo shoots, red carpets, and I travelled a lot and met a lot of influential people.”



Glam: When did you realize you wanted to become a fashion designer?



Tal: “Well I knew all my life I wanted to do something meaningful, after doing that first fashion show I stop doing makeup, and jobs were coming in from all directions.”



Glam: Since launching your clothing line, you have made a name for yourself in the fashion industry, what are some other accomplishments as a designer you’ve encountered?



Tal: “I have worked with so many celebrities and socialites. I have dressed people like Nicole Miller, Melanie Westmore, Stephanie Barative, LaToya Jackson, Housewives of Orange County, Ashton Kutcher and the list goes on.”



Glam: What do you believe makes a quality article of clothing?



Tal: “The fabric is what makes the clothes, a person can wear any clothes, but the fabric, designs, and even the stitch is what tells the story!”



Glam: Tell us about your new line with Alexis Bellino?



Tal: “Well this line is classy yet casual. My inspiration is European; it brings feminine, classy and sexy in one! Alexis is great and I have great success working with her.”



Glam: Where do you get your inspiration?



Tal: “Fabric, (she laughs) When I go out and pick fabric; I look for the feel, colors, and patterns. My collection comes from that.”



Glam: How would you define the style your line exemplifies?



Tal: “European, feminine, and classy. My line is for anyone, it can be dressy or casual, and it doesn’t ages you instead it brings out your sexy side in a classy way!”



Glam: Your clothing line is also being featured on Beverly Hills 90210-congratulations with that, tell us what other projects are you working on?



Tal: “Can’t say too much, but I am working on my own Reality TV show with Bravo, and a lot of doors are opening right now.”



Glam: When working with celebs, do you find them to be demanding and/or difficult?



Tal:(laughing) “No, I have no problem, I work with a lot of them, sometimes you have to talk to them through their publicist, but I haven’t encountered any problems so far.”



Glam: What advice do you have for aspiring fashion designers?



Tal: “First of all, you have to be passionate about it; you have to know you are about business. To make your brand, it takes hard work; make sure you do your homework. I thought it was going to be easy, but it’s not, so never forget hard work goes into it.”



Glam: What are some of your fashion goals?



Tal: “To open my own boutiques- worldwide and to be a household name!”



Glam: Thanks again for chatting with us; it was a pleasure speaking with you. And we wish you many more success!



Tal: “Thank u so much glam, hopefully for my next event you can be there and you can wear my designs.”




Glam Sense Chat with Tal Sheyn May 24 2012








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