Glam chats with Basketball wives Miami Kenya Bell

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Glam: Hi Kenya, how are you?

Kenya: Hi Glam, I am great

Glam: What words best describes you?

Kenya: Ahh probably sincere, I am a very sincere person. As far as my personality, I am very driven. If I set my mind I am going to keep pushing regardless of obstacles that come into my way. I work hard and play hard.

Glam: Where are you originally from?

Kenya: Detroit. Michigan

Glam: Why did you choose to be on a Reality show?

Kenya: I was on pageants before; I was Miss Michigan USA and a Miss USA 2001 semi finalist. That basically put me in the spotlight; I then dated a NBA player and then got married. I also appeared on E true Hollywood story about Basketball Wives. Then, VH1 came up with the series. I then went through a divorce and they contacted me about doing the show, because you know, they love the drama. Lol

Glam: What are the negative and positive things you can say, you take from being on a reality show?

Kenya: The positive is that I had a voice that I didn’t have before. What I mean is I had a voice but with the show, more people wanted to interview and get to know me. The negative side is the show portrayed me has a crazy, delusional person who knew nothing about reality. That’s not me at all. I am one of the most realist chick you will ever meet. Whatever I do, I make sure there is a plan. They said mean things about me, saying I’m crazy and forty. I am not crazy, neither am I forty!!!

Glam: have you ever experience bulling in the past?

Kenya: This for me is a sore spot. I was bullied growing up because I was a very gifted kid. I was so smart that I was taken out of the regular school and placed in a special school. I grow up in a poor middle class family. I didn’t have the best clothes, and my hair was not the best. I wore big thick glasses, so for my appearance I was bullied. What hurt me is I have worked my way to become a successful woman, so to get on this show and to resort back to middle school. I was pretty disappointed.

Glam: Which one of the girls, you still role with, and are you on the new season?

Kenya: I am friends with Jennifer and Royce still, Tammy as well. They start shooting the new season but I haven’t. I saw Jennifer and we did lunch, Royce lives in Orlando now, so I am planning to visit her. I still have a contract with the show, I haven’t spoken to Tammy. I don’t know what’s going to happen. I am waiting to see.

Glam: You dropped your single; tell us about it, and what were your inspirations behind the lyrics?

Kenya: My single is called “Hate me”. Obviously from the season I was hated on. I came in on the scene trying to make it happen. I am a single mom and there were things I wanted to accomplish. Everything I put out was shot down by the girls. They would say you are old, your hair is a mess, you can’t sing, you can’t dance and the list went on…So my message is a anthem for all women who has a dream or is trying to do something and is hate upon from other women.

Glam: On last season you gave us a premier of your music career, was music always your desire?

Kenya: I love to sing since I was a kid. I used to sing at church with my dad. One thing I enjoyed doing (laughing) I am a very creative person. If singing was it, I was not going to give up.

Glam: What other projects are you working on?

Kenya: I am writing a book. I am excited about it. It’s partially done. It is a thriller, I love Stephen King. You might find it strange that a little black girl would be writing Thriller, but that’s what I love. I am a Sci- Fi geek. I got a mix tape coming out; I am working on designing a couple things, that I don’t want known yet.

Glam: What are your pocket book must haves?

Kenya: My thing is eyeliner, I am an eyeliner queen. I think I have tried every eyeliner made (lol) my eyes are Asian like, so I love to make them pop. I can’t live without it.

Glam: What describes your ideal man?

Kenya: (laughing hysterically) Girl let me tell you, I am seeing a white guy. He is a Republican, and my dad is like one of those black Panther (lol) It was like OMG..I don’t want to say my ideal man, but I never dreamed that I would be in a relationship with someone opposite, and I mean his views.

Glam: Please make sure he don’t covert you, Obama all the way (lol)

Kenya: (laughing loud)

Glam: Who is your favorite designer?

Kenya: I love Roberto Cavalli. I used to live in Italy after college for 3 years. That’s where I developed my fashion sense. If I am not wearing sweats then I am wearing a Italian brand.

Glam: What would you say is your biggest accomplices so far?

Kenya: My Degrees- they were no jokes, when I looked back I say wow! I remembered up all night in the engineering building, ordering pizza. Just to get that degree, it’s something I can always fall back on. If I decide to go back to school, it would be easier. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and a MBA.

Glam: Well Kenya it was Glam pleasure to chat with you, best wishes for the future, and merry Christmas

Kenya: Thank you so much, I loved it. Merry Christmas to you, Happy Holidays!

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