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Glam:Who is Malorie Bailey-Massie, what do you want your fans to know about you that they may not know already?
  Malorie :I’m a Wife, a Mother, a Daughter, a Sister, an Entrepreneur, Basketball Sports Recruiter and an aspiring Writer. I wear a lot of hats; I’m a woman of many talents.
Glam; How has Reality TV impacted your life?
 Malorie:Reality TV has impacted my life in a positive way. It’s put me in a position where I’m able to move on some things, I’ve been interested in pursuing.
Glam: On the past season till now, we’ve noticed your relationship with Peter is Rocky, what is the status of your relationship with him now?
   Malorie:Peter and I are stilling learning to respect and accept each other. Peter is Peter, he’s going to say what is on his mind and I’m the same way. I’m the type of sister that would never turn my back and look the other way if I feel that something is wrong. Peter and I are family now, so we will get through this. It may take a little time, but we will get there.
Glam:What is the reason why you’re so protective over Cynthia and her marriage to Peter?
 Malorie:Last season on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, I told Cynthia that she should postpone her marriage to Peter because of their financial problems. I have been married 7 years and I have been in the same position when my husband’s former International Basketball Team did not pay the players for 2 years, which created some financial uncertainty for my family, for a short period of time. This is what Cynthia was referring to on the show when she stated, “your marriage is not perfect either”. One thing I know is that you don’t go into a new marriage with financial challenges. If you do, you’re asking for problems.
I started having second thoughts about Cynthia marrying Peter after noticing how unhappy Cynthia was and the constant fighting between them. Obviously, I became very concerned, like any sister would. The more Cynthia shared with me about Peter’s financial problems, the more troubled I became about her decision to move forward with marrying him. Naturally, I love my sister and want what is absolutely best for her.
Glam:Do you think the show is taped to make you look like the villain in this situation? and do you feel Cynthia is not being sympathetic to your feelings on how Peter talks to you or about you?
  Malorie:I think that through the editing process, what is actually being shown makes it difficult for viewers to really know who I am. On the show, I come across as being over-protective, jealous and not happy for my sister, which is not at all the case. As Cynthia’s sister, I’m going to voice my opinion whether bad or good if I see or hear something wrong. Especially, if Cynthia is sharing with me what is going on in her marriage. I’m not Cynthia’s friend, I’m her sister. I’m never going to be silent when it comes to my family. I understand Peter is her husband; therefore, Cynthia cannot tell me things and expect me not to respond or have an opinion.
I believe that Cynthia understands and is clear on the fact that there has to be mutual respect between Peter and I.
Glam:Now that you are living in France, did the distance from your family allow you all to rebuild your relationship?
  Malorie:We have always been and will remain a very close family. Nothing or no one will ever change that. Like any normal family, we have our disagreements, but at the end of the day we are still family.
Glam:What are you working on professionally, other than being on the Reality TV show Housewives of ATL?
I recently launched Mal’s Custom Jewelry, I’ve written 3 Reality TV shows that I’m in the process of pitching, I’m currently working on a novel, which should be out next year and I help manage my husband’s basketball career, along with four other international basketball players.
Glam: Tell us more about your custom bracelet line and how long have you been a jewelry designer?
Malorie:I started my custom beaded bracelets line last year and have received some rave reviews. I’m doing extremely well. I design more elegant pieces with fewer charms. My designs are tailored to all Fashion Trendsetters, Men, Women, Children, College Students, and Brides. I am especially proud of my awareness focused bracelets that tailor to various Organizations and Foundations. My Kid Glam bracelet line will be out this summer.
Glam:Earlier in your career, you modeled for various designers. Can you tell us about your experience being a model?
 Malorie:LOL!!!. I wouldn’t necessary say I had a modeling career. I did attend modeling school and did a few shows and some print work through a popular agency in Texas. Modeling was never my passion, so I gave it up after having my daughter Madison.
Glam: You and your mom have such a strong bond, were you always this close with your mother growing up? and do you have other siblings?
 Malorie:Yes, I have always been very close to my mother. My mother is everything to me. Cynthia and I have a younger brother named Thomas and we both have daughters – Madison and Noelle. We are a very close knit family, no matter where we are, we make it a point to speak with each other every day.
Glam:Being that France is one of the fashion capitals of the world, do you think you would ever move back to the states?
 Malorie:France is not my permanent residence. My husband plays basketball in France, so we have homes in both France and Texas. Once the season is over, we look forward to returning to Texas. France is beautiful, but there is no place like home.
Glam:Do you find it more relaxing living in France vs. the states? Are you able to live a normal life there or are you treated like a celebrity?
 Malorie:My husband is a well known International Basketball Player, so our celebrity roles switch when we are in France. He’s more of the celebrity. In France, I’m a basketball wife, although a few people do recognize me from the Housewives. I would have to say, it’s definitely more relaxing in France.
Glam: What is the good, bad and ugly about Reality TV? And what advice would you give to those who want to be on Reality TV?
 Malorie:The good about Reality TV is that it puts you in a position to expand yourself through networking and career opportunities. Positive feedback from the fans make Reality TV plus.
The bad thing about Reality TV is that people only see a glimpse of your life on TV, which often causes viewers to form a distorted opinion about who I am.
The ugly is the rumors and lies, which is the worst part of it all. When your face is shown on TV, you are considered a celebrity which makes you fair game to the negative opinions of random individuals, bloggers and gossip publications and sites dedicated to watching your every move and waiting for the opportunity to tear you and your family down. This can be tough on individuals who are not as grounded in family as we are, especially when it comes to protecting our family members who are not involved in the show. There is no protection from individuals or blog websites that make up lies about you and your family. I understand that the intention of many blog sites is to drive traffic to their sites by reporting the news or forwarding rumors, but I feel that all media outlets should be required to check their facts before putting out bad information, especially where the children of celebrities are concerned.
Glam: Who are your favorite designers? 
   Malorie:Nina Ricci. I absolutely love her designs. Akris and you can never go wrong with Gucci.

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