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We finally gave it a long thought to watch the film on everyone’s mind –‘Flight’ starring Denzel Washington.

The Movie is about an Alcoholic and a drug user pilot, who puts his passengers and crew members, lives at risk. In the beginning we are force to watch a drug addicted pilot, getting high with his flight attendant while she wanders around the hotel room naked. Denzel’s role as the character ‘Whip Whitaker’ shows you the life of an alcoholic person, who is afraid to admit it. As the plot unfolds the plane piloted by Denzel crashes because of mechanical failure and Denzel even under his drugs and alcohol manage to stay focus and maneuvered the plane to crash in a position that saved most of the passengers and crew members. With the media frenzy and investigation we see Denzel’s life deteriorate from a man of common standing to a wasted user. In the end with all the cover up and pretending, he finally admits he is an alcoholic and addict. Ok so here comes my review…. I’m not quite sure why they added his drug addict, red head love interest ‘Kelly Reilly’, whose life crosses path with his and in the end she received help. Her role was not vital to the plot. With all the stunts and camera tricks, Flight is a good watch and should be seen by everyone suffering or dealing with an addiction.

Glam’s advice to people who are frequent flyers and those who are terrified of flying… Don’t watch.-lol! It will only make you more fearful to fly!

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