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January 4  2014: Shaggy and Friends took place in the beautiful gardens of the Jamaica House. The concert is a yearly concert produced by International Artist Shaggy to raise money for the Jamaica Bustamante hospital for children. Tickets were sold out weeks before the event and the lawn of Jamaica house had over 30,000 excited fans. The star studded line up feature stars such as, Jamaica own winner of The Voice, Tessanne Chin, Grammy artist Neyo, Shaggy and Rayvon, Konshens  and the Voice contestant Matthew Schuler. The show offered viewers around the world to watch it on U Stream.

The show attracted 2.6 million viewers. With each artists given a little time to perform, the show moved fairly smoothly. With big sponsors like Digicel on board fans could text their donations. The funds raised will go toward finishing the open heart unit and will be the first of its kind in the Caribbean, thus preventing death and families having to travel overseas for medical attention. The fashion No No of the night goes to Neyo, who must have believed that all of Jamaica is a beach, and decided to wear a plain jean shirt and white shorts on stage. The long towel that hung from his pocket took away from his performance, and I do believe that if he would follow the memo and wore something less casual, the ladies would have offered him more love. Next failure went to the Digicel, the host who forgot to introduce herself and the ugly gold and black necklace that had nothing to do with her red dress. It screamed madness more than her elastic band hairstyle, perfect for a middle school-er. The red Digicel background, red dress, red lipstick, and necklace was a distraction to her pretty face and intellectual skills. Not to mention, the red flowers vase placed on the little tiny glass table. Come on Digicel you are now attracting an international audience, nothing is wrong with turning up your production.

Dancehall Female artist Macka Diamond also, made my Fashion No List. For some reasons, the audience must still have her up from the STING clash with Lady Saw because no matter how she tried, they didn’t move. Compare to her Superhero costume from STING she looked better. However, her black bra protruding from her red dress is a big Fashion Crime and she should have gotten a fine. My biggest disappointment goes to the talented Tessanne Chin. With her new found celebrity fame the stylist who dressed her in the burgundy jumpsuit should be fired. Poor Tessanne was so uncomfortable, with her fixing and tucking her ear piece and radio it was obvious that she was having a hard time on stage. Thank God she is a trooper and kept her cool. Hopefully this doesn’t happen again. She then reverted herself and her second change was a beautiful black gown that suited her curves and she looked amazing. Repeat Fashion Offender goes to artist Pinchers who must have forgotten that his bright blue and shinny white suit would be unforgettable. Host of the evening Miss Kitty, had an opposite effect. Her first look she wore a nice black gown that enhance her voluptuous figure. Her 30 inch blond mane and makeup was also, a hit. She must have heard me complimenting her, because in the split of an eye she appeared in her second outfit. The clock must have struck 12 because the ugly tight silver dress she came out in, did her so much injustice. Her belly was the only thing protruding on camera. I have officially placed that look into my HATE ARCHIVE. The only thing left for me was to jump into the UStream  and shed the dress to pieces.

Fashion Do Moments goes to Shaggy who looked super hot in brown and beige. Rayvon was casual and cute,  Konshen’s suspender was a hit and Matthew Schuler sang and looks sharp in his black suit. Elephant Man and Wayne Marshal lost points for minor fashion mishaps. Wayne’s oversize glasses were too big for his face;  Ele wore a  floral print suit ,but  would have looked  cleaner  if he had worn a different pant with the blazer. . Sean Paul need to go back to his braids, that punk rock hair is not trending. Hair trend of the night was Dreadlocks; every artist seems to be converted dreads. Best hair goes to Damian Marley, who’s long dreadlocks mane scream sexy. Congrats again to Shaggy and Friends for a great show for a great cause. I only hope that other artists and companies will follow in his footstep and support more charities. Instead of talking DO SOMETHING. To help Shaggy help these poor sick kids please make your donation to www.shaggyfoundation.org. YOU MIGHT NOT BE ABLE TO SAVE THE WORLD. BUT YOU CAN START BY SAVING ONE LIFE AT A TIME.

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