Fashion Night Out NYC 2012

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2010 and 2011 had more stores involved and more street energy.

Glamsense highlights: The night started off with a stand still traffic on the FDR, so we were forced to take all back roads. As we  approach Madison Avenue, we assumed we wouldn’t find parking. But luckily, we found a nice spot on 62nd and Madison. As we walked to our personal invite event at Giuseppe’s shoes, we noticed the foot traffic was moderate and many of the stores were not having private events! Our first stop was Hermes, where we found a few shoppers watching a man who fix time pieces- obviously that were not entertaining enough…so we bounced. Anna Fontaine was next and we were amazed by her accessories. Michael Kors store looked like they were the only store that was popping because the store was buzzing with shoppers who were entertained by a live band with champagne being passed around upon the guests’arrival. We were almost at 56th Street when we realize we were going away from Giuseppe and need to head the opposite way. Our feet were throbbing, we were so thankful for our fashionable flats.

On our way back we met  people who wanted hugs and pictures. We took pictures on Bentleys, with animals and the list goes on. On our way back we passed Creed and couldn’t resist the aroma of sultry colognes and perfumes and stopped in to have our bodies drench with their sweet smells, with all the walking we did we  made sure to ask for extra spray. Lol

With Giuseppe a block over we decided no more stops and found a nice dark place to give our flats a break and put on our stylish heels which I found out was not comfortable and maybe that’s why some cheap shoes although fashionable need to stay were they belong under the bed, Bad choice! By the time I arrived at our event my foot felt abused, we all know –as a fashionista, we can never show discomfort, so I smiled, nod, hugged and kept it moving. The party was very socialable and people came in and out. I ran into some very Fashionable men from BlackTie Group who was killing it. As the event unwind some cast members from Basketball wives LA passed through. When all the free champagne and appetizers were done it was obvious that the Giuseppe’s’ team had a long day. Glam was so happy because miss cheap shoes was killing Glam’s toes and needed to go back in her private bag.

We then left and took our walk over to Dolce & Gabbana; which was the coldest spot ever, don’t know what happened this year but nothing was going on but free sparkling water and champagne, I felt betrayed because I kept cheap shoes on for the walk.  So can you imagine how mad I was?! On our way home we recapped the night and came to the conclusion that Fashion Night Out 2012 NYC for us had the night but not the Fashion.

Well I guess we can blame it on the VMA’S or President Obama’s speech to keep the Celebes and shoppers home.

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