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Fashion must-haves!

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In every Fashionistas’ closet these are ‘the must have’ items. Fashion is not about the clothes, but the way you wear it…taking chances and trying new things!

1. The little black dress -long or short can be worn for any occasion, it can take you from casual to elegant.

2. Designer bags-even on a casual day a designer bag can turn your thrift outfit into glamour. Buying a designer bag might be pricey but you can get inexpensive one’s at outlets or friends/family sales.

3. Black Boots -these are a must have, and can be worn with just about everything. Whether flat or high, boots can turn your look into edgy.

4. Pumps-another must have, worn with a dress or jeans, the little black pumps should be in the back of the car on standby!

5. Scarfs-are the most versatile items to have. It works every time; just add it to your favorite outfit and your outfit is transformed.

6.Stylish Flip Flops-slide them on and you are good to go, they come in all shapes and sizes, with a pop of color, you go from elegant to casual or from night to day. This is the most comfortable invention in the Fashion world.

can be dressed down or up. Always remember to choose the right shape to match your body type.

7. Jeans-are a girl best friend, other than diamonds of course!

Jeans are a versatile item to have in your closet, whether it’s washed out or new, they never go out of style. Jeans are the only Fashion item that is mistreated but still lives to the end of time. It

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