Don-Pooh’s Mansion birthday bash

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The Dream Team Entertainment and Don Pooh’s Mansion  birthday bash Party lived up to its name.

The party was in honor of Don Pooh -producer to many known celebrities like Mary J Blige, Foxy Brown, and so much more. The party was a private event with limited invitations, only the ‘whose who’ were invited. The event was such a secret that no one knew where the party was until that day because last year more people came than what they planned for. Just to enter this party, you had to text a number, which in turn gave you the address to the mansion hidden in the hills of Cresskill, New Jersey.

Glamsense and her divas got there early after learning of the 100 dollars cover charge after 4pm! We arrived in style to the waiting valet men who were so willing to take park our car. As we stepped out of our vehicle, we walked the path to an immense and miraculous mansion. The back yard was set up with white VIP cabanas; the overall décor was beautiful. After checking out the decor we decided that our only choice was the smoke filled bar-b-que bar or the scorching sun. – So we chose the smoky shaded area. The most that would happen was that we were going to smell of the hamburgers and hotdog.

Minutes later the guests started to arrive in clicks. Designers’ bags, red bottoms and fashionable attire were the highlight of the evening. The awaiting pool and humidity got many out of their clothes and into the pool. No one cared if they had stretch marks, bad bodies/ model figured, fake Asses or breast; they bared it for the world to see and moved around freely. The men were very well mannered and didn’t give much about the many banging shapes; everyone was doing their own thing. As the sun disappeared the real VIP arrived, Reality TV Star Jennifer Williams and her crew lock down one of the cabanas, Star Jones ex-husband Al Reynolds, Radio Personality Ed Lover mingled with their peeps. We also ran into Damon Dash ex- Linda. We met and greeted a lot of familiar faces. With all the liquor being passed around and beautiful people finally arriving, the DJ started to turn up the vibes, and we guess he knew some yardie  (jamaicans) were in the place because he dropped some‘bruk out ‘reggae tunes, and knowing us we made them know we heard them loud and clear. We then made sure to invite everyone to our ‘all white affair sat Aug. 11 in the trump world bar NYC’. Trying to stay cute, we knew we had enough and had to rescue our poor throbbing feet. As we left and told our new circle of new faces bye, we all agreed that it was a great party-great networking and great burgers, lol

Thanks to my girl Angela Midgette president of GTC Ent, Darryl David at Game Onlock Entertainment and her cousin- legendary Blue with The Dream Team for the invite.



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