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“Confessions Of A Marraige Counselor” Tyler Perry

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Jurnee Smollett-Bell as Judith, Lance Gross as Brice, Kim Kardashian as Ava, Vanessa L. Williams as Janice Robbie Jones as HarleyBrandy Norwood as Melinda Ella Joyce as Sarah

With all the excitement this week regarding Tyler Perry box office movie “Confessions of A Marriage Counselor” I decided to check it out. The PG 13 movie starring Jurnee Smollett- Bell might be one of Tyler Perry best thus far. With a pack house of movie watchers, the different hit points brought much cheers and shouts. The movie starts with a marriage counselor trying to convince her client not to leave her husband for another man. She then went into flash back mode and told her of her sister’s deception, that turned out to be her own story. . The main plot was centered around Judith who met and fell in love with one of her clients Harley, a rich business man. With her old fashion ways, Harley played on her emotions and lead her into a world of money, drugs, and sex. Her husband Brice, who was always busy working and neglected his wife needs found himself in a love triangle. In the end as the plot thickens Brice’s coworker Melinda, played by music icon Brandy Norwood who was always running from her abusive ex is indeed, his wife’s new lover Harley. Harley had given his wife and Melinda AIDS.

Reality star Kim Kardashian played Ava a high fashion brand snob; whose character suited her very well. Surprising she was funny and lot of laughs out of the audience.With the rise in HIV awareness and infidelity, the movie gave the audience something to think about. 1. Husbands pay more attention to your wife’s needs 2. Wives if you are going to cheat, a least ask for a blood test. 3. Money doesn’t bring happiness 4. Never change who you are for others.

I will give this movie 5 stars for clean sexual scenes and a positive messages learnt.

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