Circle of Sisters with Gloria Govan

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Circle of Sisters Jacob Javits convention center

Circle of Sisters is New York’s largest expo for Women of color. They offer a variety of hosts, speakers, authors, seminars, inspirational services, R&B and gospels concerts as well as more than 200 vendors selling unique items and services. This is the eighth year of the event and experienced record breaking success last year. The expo is accented by an avalanche of captivating elements like fabulous shopping, fascinating fashion shows and scrumptious food tasting with some of today’s top chefs at the Food Pavilion. Always a family affair, the Children’s Pavilion offers fun activities including lessons in the arts and dance classes. Informative empowering panels by field experts, political figures and some of entertainments biggest names.

This year Glam wanted to find out what last year’s buzz was all about. So we decided not to miss this years event. We arrived with no other than Reality Star Gloria Govan from Basketball wives LA and her production team Kweisi Gharreau and Trevor Julien. We definitely can say- Gloria looked amazing!! She wore a bodyfitted, light grey dress with an attach wide brown leather belt. Her mane was loosely curled and her makeup was flawless as usual. There after, we were ushered into the VIP entrance through the dreary basement, into the Pavilion.

The Pavilion was full of sellers, shoppers and curious “lookers”. Every booth was full of sellers trying to convince you their products were the best. Some of the booths offered free food and give-aways. Gloria was ‘bomb-rushed’ by her fans who couldn’t get enough of her, and her production team and Security had a hard time escorting her through the crowd.
On our way to the Grace Foods culinary corner, for Gloria’s 12:30 PM cooking segment with WBLS.com chef- Nikki Shaw, we ran into some familiar faces by the Grace booth. Our girl -Maxine from Gmax entertainment made sure we got to taste some the tastiest porridge. With all the different free samples Grace had to offer. Note the word FREE because that’s Glams favorite word, lol… we tried them all and almost ended up with an upset stomach.
With Gloria cooking up a storm, cooking some of her favorite quick meals -found in her up coming cook book, We decided to check out the rest of vendors. Our girl- Jennifer Williams from Basketball wives Miami and Actor Darrin Henson were two Celebs on their grind. These two are what we call real hustlers, they had their own booth and stood there selling their products. Jen must have made a killing, because every one who purchase her Lucid lip gloss got a chance to take a picture with her. Darrin must have had eyes into the side of his head, while we were chit chatting with him, one of his fans tried swiping a calendar and he caught him. We found it so funny, why would someone in their right mind test someone with that body of steel, the thief was an elder man and the look he got from Darrin, we were sure he was a hopeless beatdown case. lol
After Gloria finished her obligations, we stopped by Supreme Hair booth which had the most energy. With our aching feet, we knew it was time to leave. So we hugged and said our goodbyes. Circle of Sisters kept up to all the buzz! Glam will be back next year!!

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