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Born in New York City (Tania Nicole Williams) of proud Jamaican parents from Waterhouse, (Carl and Yvonne), Chyna-Nicole read the back of Michael Jackson’s album covers at the tender age of 5 and begun her song-writing techniques.

The rich musical culture of Waterhouse is instilled in Chyna although birthed in the US. Her father was the first apprentice to Legendary U-Roy and was an artist himself recording for Legendary Reggae producers Joe Gibbs and Duke Reid. Chyna’s Mom also was a part of the rich musical tradition as REGGAE’S FIRST GRAMMY AWARD WINNING Michael Rose and the group Black Uhuru rehearsed in their back yard in early days.

Chyna Nicole wants to thank CHUCK TURNER
“He used to take me to studios in the mid 1990s after my first release. So I’m lucky to have two fathers, one, Carl Williams, who is the reason I am singing on Reggae, and Chuck Turner, my Musical Dad, who helped develop vocal ability and tried to get me exposure. He took me around to studios to get noticed”.

From choreographing dance routines in high school (Connecticut), to recording R&B demos while at Howard University, Chyna’s passion for music remained consistent. Her first release was in 1994 “Love Me Tenderly” performed with LukIe D under her father’s label, Little C in Kingston, Jamaica.
Chyna was penned the name “China” in high school by friends at Kolbe Cathedral. It’s in her HS yearbook! She renamed her own artist name -Nicole Williams- which on the 1994 release LOVE ME TENDERLY and later changed her artist name to CHYNA NICOLE for future releases.

Appointed QUEEN OF THE WATERHOUSE DYNASTY by Fitzroy Francis, her manager, former Road Manager of Black Uhuru, as the first female out of this community to rise in the music industry. Her mission is to rebuild the community with resources for the education of children.

On September, 17th, 2013, Chyna Nicole releases her first debut album “20 YEARS IN THE MAKING & READY FOR THE WORLD” through Nico Star Music.
Her chart hitting single “TAKE ME TO THE MOON” and the remix of “Cool Operator” on the “Operator2013 Rhyhtm Velocity” wt Mightyful13 International Artist Andrew Bees, and Lead singer of Reggae first Grammy winner Black Uhuru is also on the album but is available digital through Mightyful13 Records/ VP Records’s Vpal Distribution. The release of “Cool Operator” remix is also available digital worldwide today.
Her second video of “Sing A Little Love Song” on the Chilla Music/Nico Star Music Label is also on Youtube

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