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Chick Magnet! The Attitude +The Look

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pdiddThe secret behind the success of many celebrity males goes deeper than their talent. To become a celebrity, you don’t have to only have the talent baby, but you have to look the part, look the part and even set the part for others to follow.
I have realized that celebrity males, no matter what they looked like before stardom, once they set out to dress in a certain way (designer clothing – no matter how weird it looks), get hair, nail and body care and don’t forget dental care which is essential for that smile…yeah that smile, they are bound to become chick-magnets.
I have selected a few male celebrities that I think are worth a second look once they past your way or appear on your computer screen or wherever, whenever they cross your path. This list may lack a few you really admire but there are so many of them!
I focused on the black male celebrities cause, the “chocolateness” about them is sooooo unique. Their smile, their built, their attitude, their skin, their everything is what makes them magnets for ladies of every class and race.
So the next time you think that ladies are the only ones that have to flaunt it on camera, think again. What makes these black celebrities “Chick Magnets” are the pulling tools God had blessed them with which can only be effective if they care and nurture it.
Talk truth, dem look good nuh true? Or should I say magnetic hahaha. So the next time you see them and are tempted to say that they are lucky, think again! What separates them from the ordinary is the care they place in themselves and creating their own image through their attitude on camera. Men whe love fi stay messy! God gave all of us some features we will be remembered by, create your image and be known. Place keen focus on your personal hygiene, attitude and appearance.  Who knows? You too may be a chick magnet one day!

By Diva Girl:  Kayana Thompsontyson_beckford_001

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