Beyonce vs Rihanna hottest body competition

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Well first lady Beyonce is the new hot body cover girl on the upcoming GQ magazine. Rihanna had her share of excitement last month when she appeared naked. Beyonce must have gotten on Jay Z nerves, because she now has her own cover. Not sure if this is a good look for Beyonce. Rihanna needs a man while Beyonce is a married woman. Her body is still very much in shape, even her booty seem to growing along  with baby blue ivy. We can only imagine her nagging her husband Jay “you think it’s all about Rihanna, I am hot too”. Mirror Mirror on the wall who is the Fairest  of them all?  Well Glam gives this one to Rihanna, whose cover is slutty but sexy. Beyoncé’s cover on the other hand is a married woman with a baby trying to stay relevant.

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