Beyonce No Camera Rules

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 I haven’t gone to any of Beyonce concert, and with the look of her new no camera rules, she won’t be seeing me at any. Beyonce has joined the other musicians who don’t want anyone taking photos of them onstage. Well  you are all entitled to your rules, but since Glam is considered a paparazzi, then there is no need to attend the chosen few concerts. All these brand new rules. Thank God for the media, or some of these  miserable entertainers would not be known. Wonder if they remember the days, they would begged to be photograph.

During a concert in Atlanta this month Beyonce, got mad at  a camera-wielding front-row fan during a performance of her hit “Irreplaceable.” Please Miss Sasha Fierce thank God for your fans and their camera phones, or no one would have given a crap about you.

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