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We know this is stale news, but Glam want to keep our readers informed.
According to reports and blogs, BBW cast members Kesha Nichols, Royce Reed & Jennifer Williams, have all received their walking papers- ALLEGEDLY, THEY’RE NO LONGER GOING TO BE ON THE SHOW!!!
WHY? Apparently, Shaunie wanted to get rid of the ‘dead weight.’ So maybe her term for dead weight compares to being non-controversial?! Well to be honest-on the reunion, we saw that Shaunie was quite annoyed with Jen and her introducing a lawsuit into the mix…She should’ve learned from former cast mate –Meeka Claxton, she quickly got the boot when she tried the same thing!
And Ms. Kesha-she was portrayed as a boring cast member; she didn’t bring enough to the table for viewers to rave over. And as for Royce-most of the cast refused to tape with her, and the fact that she is barred from saying her baby’s father ‘Dwight Howard’s’ name on the show, was reportedly becoming a problem!
However, we’re slightly confused-On the reunion show, Shaunie claimed she wants to push the show in a more positive direction for next season, yet she is keeping the same people who pushed the show in a negative direction? Jen, Royce and Kesha are the ones that were trying to escape from the drama…so what does she want exactly- drama or no drama??? ‘Runaway’ Kesha and boring Royce are less negative than the other cast mates, if she wanted controversy-don’t say you want a less negative show!!

Hopefully they replaced these cast mates with strong minded individuals to deal with some of the hot heads on the show! Glam loves all the cast members’ but we gotta be honest, there are some that carry a dramatic vibe to the show than others. # JUST KEEPING IT REAL

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