Basketball Wives LA Bambi needs a Ass Whooping!

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So Bambi is the new loud mouth on Basketball Wives LA!!! A friend of Malaysia, whom everyone is wondering –Why is she on the show, she is not a basketball wife and she has no ties with any basketball players?!.

On this season reunion she had a lot to say to Gloria, Calling her Casper the ghost and spilling juicy details of her allegedly giving it up to celebs in Compton. Well After seeing her trying to be Joséline of ‘Love and Hip Hop Atl’. Glam decided we needed to give Gloria advice. Our top 5 tips on how to give Bambi an ASS WHOOPING:

1. By all means possible if you need to punch her in the eye, stand on a table so you and her can be face to face. And don’t forget your pepper spray!

2. Like Goliath, David killed him with a stone so make sure you don’t stay too close, fling anything you can find.

3. Remember all Giants are weak in the knees. So the facts that your head is the height of her knees- attack her with a Viking Club!

4. Never let her ‘hurricane- Sandy’ voice scare you. Preparation is the key to survival!

5. Carry a red robe for waving, this can be used to distract her and last advice is With her Gangster upbringing she might be armed, so run if you have to, a wise man will run and live to fight again! Lol

But on a serious note, don’t let any bitch try you-especially if you’re providing her income-so to speak! If it wasn’t for you and your sister to get a Basketball Wives-LA show…this chick would not have a job!! And who’s to tell that she wasn’t blazing the trail her damn self- she looks like a hood rat…and most hood rats are the best neighborhood hoe!

~til next time stay tuned to our suss reports on Glamsense divas!
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