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Ass Attack!

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The ‘Black Madam,’ Padge Gordon, faces a third-degree murder charge for killing a tourist with silicone butt injections.

PHILADELPHIA — A Philadelphia woman known as “the Black Madam” performed deadly cosmetic surgery on a London dancer in an airport hotel room, then used Krazy Glue to close the wounds and fled when the client went into respiratory distress, a witness testified Wednesday.

A judge upheld a third-degree murder charge against Padge Gordon after the victim’s friend testified about getting silicone injections to enlarge their buttocks in February 2011.

What is the world coming to, everyone cannot be satisfied with their own ass. Kim kardashian, Jlo, Beyonce are to be blamed. Tits used to be the in thing, now big ass is the new trend. Silicone, pads, body shapers are all giving the illusion of what’s real.

Glam advice:Nothing is wrong with wanting a little bit of enhancement, but PLEASE go to a reputably doctor for advice. Do NOT go to some random butcher who will add home depot products to your rear. Sometimes less is best, so remember your ass should match your thigh, don’t add a house when your poor legs are tiny like sticks. I HATE TO SEE THESE BIG HUMPTY DUMPTY ASSES THAT LOOKS FAKE!

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