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Anita Rincon

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Despite her young age, Anita Rincón has built an astonishing career as an international fashion and entertainment personality, stylist, model, designer and entrepreneur. Born in Finland, Northern Europe to a multi-cultural family and spending her teenage years in both Europe and South America, Anita’s personality and style have been deeply affected by the contrasting cultures. Having worked in fashion since the age of 17 when she joined her first modeling agency in Argentina, Anita discovered her passion of creating beauty around her and was soon traveling for work between Europe and Miami.

Anita writes a weekly fashion and beauty column for Metro International, the largest international newspaper in the world published in 150 cities in 23 countries with currently over 18.3 million daily readers worldwide. Today at 25, she writes, styles and conducts fashion, beauty and entertainment interviews for Metro (worldwide), Juicy Magazine (USA) and Indiedays.com (Finland) among other magazines, newspapers and websites worldwide in English, Spanish and Finnish.

Follow Anita Rincon on Twitter @iamAnitaRincon, Instagram: @OfficialAnita and visit her website AnitaRincon.com!

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