Alvin Bowen Is More Than The “NFL”

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217245_143905922345120_926172_nGlam:  Hi Alvin thanks for taking the time to chat with Glam.

Alvin:  My pleasure.

Glam:  Where are you from originally?

Alvin:  I am from New Jersey and my parents are Jamaican.

Glam:  Take us back to your childhood, were you always into sports?

Alvin:  I started out playing gymnastic and when I got into 6 grade the school discontinued it. I then got into football at 7th grade. Many people told me that I was good enough to play. So I tried out and I made a team.

Glam:  You have had a set back, tell us about that?

Alvin:  Getting hurt during my rookie year was the hardest. That was the turning point in my career. If you are not first and second coming out of college where you were used to the attention, then it becomes hard. They expect so much from you.

Glam:  You have played NFL for a couple of teams, which would you say are your favorite so far?


Alvin:  Wow! I like each team differently. The Red Skins I liked for their night life. They also had a lot of veterans and I learnt a lot from them. By me watching all these veterans it taught me a lot.

Glam:  Do you think only the strongest survive, and the Football world is dog eat dog?

Alvin:  No only the young survive. It’s a young man’s game, not to say the older people can’t do it. But if you are younger and coming out of college you might be more ready to endure the pain.

Glam:  You are a Free agent. Explain what that means?

Alvin:  That means  I am still under my Rookie contract and if I get picked up by a team, they  would still have to honor my contract.

Glam:  What message would you give to kids who want a professional  althete?

Alvin:  I would tell them to do it from their heart and go for it. I did not believe  that I would have made it this far. You have to create the drive. I worked out like I was going to make it. I made my actions speak. My focus and mind was set. I would say hard work is never denied.

Glam:  How do you prepare for each game?

Alvin:  (Laughing) my secrets, you tripping, well the night before I would pray. Before I pulled up to the game, I pray again. I put on my head phone and zone out. Vybz Kartel and Tupac are some of my favorite music to get me into that frame of mind.

Glam:  What is the positive and negative side of playing professional sports?

Alvin:  Positive things are not necessary the money or the fame. Just having that platform to make your voice be heard is a plus. There are a lot of negative but I rather dwell on the positive.

Glam:  If you didn’t make it in Football, what other career would you have had?

Alvin:  I can be funny. Maybe Apollo (Laughing) on the real side I love sports, so I guess some  type of atlethe.

Glam: Tell us about your Foundation?
Alvin:  I am working on my launch of my Alvin Bowen Foundation. My foundation is all about helping inner city kids with their dreams. Whatever   they need to guide them including scholarships.  I know what it is like to don’t have the platform to succeed, so I would like to give back.

Glam:  What quality do you want in a woman? (Laughing)

Alvin:  First thing they have to be tidy, Americans say well groomed. I don’t want any dirty finger nails and I want someone who can wash my clothes.


Glam:  Wash!!  hope you don’t mean  hand washing.

Alvin:  (Laughing) I want someone who wants me for me.

Glam:  Looking back at lot of other athletes, they make bad choices with their finance; do you think you have set in place great financial planning?

Alvin:  I made some mistakes along the way. When I got hurt I was about twenty five years old. My bank account was nice. I had too much free time. Looking back now I made a lot of mistakes but as you get older you become wiser.

Glam:  Well Mr. Gaza it was my pleasure  chatting  with you.

Alvin:  Big up yourself Glam(Laughing)

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