All Hail The Queen Recap!

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missyelliott01Fri March 15th NYC- I am not sure where to begin. With my invitation to “All Hail The Queen” a tribute to Hip Hop women at the Bronx Museum Of Arts; I really believed this event would pull out all the top celebrities the Industry had to offer. The event represented the 40th Anniversary of Hip Hop Birth and gave tribute to Artists like Queen Latifah, Missy Elliot, and Lauren Hill.

With the positive nature the event had to offered, it was not executed properly. When I arrived at the venue right away I knew something was wrong. The invitation misled me into thinking this was some kind of formal red carpet event. Stepping out in my beautiful gown that flowed to the ground, the only thing missing was my chariot and Fairy God Mother. The other guests must have gotten the memo, because all I could see passing by were jeans, sneakersh and hoodies. I had to ask the security if I was at the right place. And he informed me that I was.

Entering the event space was even worst. The set up remind me of a community center meeting, where the landlords were accused of not treating the tenants’ right. When I asked for the Red Carpet I was shown a brown wooded floor. Looking at the casually dressed guests, I wanted the clock to strike at any time and that my Fairy God Mother would appear and turn me to rags.

By the time my girl Mspenny and her friends arrived they too were surprised by the event. I could not help laughing when she asked for VIP. None of the celebrities turned up, and between the reading and performances by upcoming talents; this turned out to be a big talent show.

One of the event producers was Video Music Box, which is one of the first urban video shows that set a platform for many Hip Hop artists to showcase their talents. For the cause of the event and what it stands for, I will give a perfect score of 10. For how the event was presented my score would be 2 for trying.

My lesson learn’t from this event is before you go GLAM never forget to Google past events and the memo.

Special thanks to my makeup artist Mandisa Duperval from Sweet Dreams  and photographer Brandon Luckain.


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