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All Hail The Queen: A Tribute To The Women In Hip Hop

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2013 represents the 40th Anniversary of Hip-Hop’s birth. From eMCee to Executive, Women have been an integral part of Hip-Hop’s birth, growth and evolution. Unfortunately, over the years, too few platforms and dedicated occasions have occurred to discuss and acknowledge their achievements, contributions and the challenges they have been faced with. Shifting priorities within the Music Industry, to pervasively promote misogynistic lyrics and sexually charged images, have been recognized as an issue at the core of this and of Hip-Hop’s seemingly one-sided (mis)representation.

Women’s perspectives, presence and priorities must be kept at the forefront of conversations connected to Hip-Hop’s future. Places and spaces must be created and supported that allow for the voices of women and their experiences to be heard, respected and shared – those who have been and continue to be inspired by the positivity within Hip-Hop culture. As part of Video Music Box celebrating its 30-year history, during Women’s History Month 2013, this event is taking place in the Bronx (the birthplace of Hip-Hop) at the Bronx Museum of the Arts.

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