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Legends Entertainment and McNeil Marketing presents the Athletes and Entertainers Business Financial Network.  This private, invite only event will be held Saturday, February 16, 2013 from 10am-12pm at a private location.  One of the primary goals of this event is to give athletes and entertainers insight on how to successfully build their wealth and ample opportunity to network with reputable financial advisors and business owners.  Anthony Avent, who played 12 years in the NBA and has a background in finance started Legends Entertainment as a way of giving athletes a successful way to transition into retirement by assisting them in creating a financial fortune that can sustain their families and the community. Mark McNeil, CEO and Founder of McNeil Marketing states that  “The purpose of the S&E Financial Business Network  is to create a year-round financial literacy platform and provide networking opportunities for athletes and entertainers.  We’re trying to change the culture and the way monies are being spent and invested because athletes and entertainers are losing large fortunes as quick as they are acquiring them.  This networking event also encourages them to invest within the urban communities, as well as interact physically to strengthen the urban community’s economy and eliminate the typical stereotype of athletes.”   The keynote speakers are Junior Bridgeman, former NBA player & Wendy’s #1 franchise owner, Dale Davis, former NBA player and founder & CEO of Pro Player Holdings, a company that gives current and former athletes different routes to take to successfully invest their money, and Roland S. Martin, American journalist, syndicated columnist, analyst, and author of Speak, Brother!  They will be speaking about the importance of smart investment opportunities to transform their hard earned fortunes into true wealth, the kind of wealth that can be maintained well into the future and generations to come. Anthony Avent with a background in finance helping them to transition into retirement create financial fortune to sustain their families and community.  Give them ample opportunity to network with reputable financial advisors and business owners. For any questions or to RSVP, please email financial.olegends@gmail.com.  Seats are limited, so please RSVP by February 15, 2013.

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