Glam chats with Laura Govan Basketball Wives LA

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Glam: Hi Laura, how are you?

Laura: I’m busy, busy…four kids and running around, I am good!

Glam: Tell us who Laura Govan is?

Laura: I am a mother first, what I do is entertainment, it’s not a job. I’m funny, clumsy, and I mean really clumsy, I cannot carry a plate for 200 yards without it falling, lol! Most people think I like a glamorous life… and I don’t. I rock t-shirt and put my hair in a bun. I am a mom!

Glam: How did you get cast for Basketball wives?

Laura: Well my sister and I were on the phone talking to one of the producers of the show -Tom Husman, and he wanted us to too come up with something. So, I said why don’t we do a Basketball Wives LA and make it our own. And we did, the show was created for me and Gloria. It had nothing to do with Basketball wives Miami. It’s like a sequel, most people don’t know that.

Glam: Where are you originally from?

Laura: I am originally from the Bay area Oakland California. I love the beach and outdoor. I am very much a California girl..(lol)

Glam: Gloria is your sister, did you guys grew up together and were you always close?

Laura: There are nine of us, and we all grow up very close. I am seven years older the Gloria. I was like a mom to her, she was my doll. She grew up and I had to let her go. I introduced her to Matt, I wanted to make sure she would be happy and meet the right guy.

Glam: You seem to be the only cast member that no one really attacks, do you think they’re afraid of your feisty mouth?

Laura: No, I think most people don’t understand where I come from! I’m a realist-I see people for what they are. I don’t sugar coat anything. I am a straight shooter. I don’t care if and when a girl comes at me. I will come with a motive, I don’t give a shit. I stand for what I believe in. The girls said I was a bully – I was not going to back down!

Glam: You and Jackie’s relationship is like night and day, you even came to support her Fashion week launch in NYC, do you think the camera only edits your relationship in the worst light? But indeed you are ok with each other?

Laura: No… I think with TV they miss a whole series of what happened. There was a time when Jackie and I were talking. They didn’t put that part out there. It’s just entertainment.

Glam: Do you think you will ever truly forgive Jackie?

Laura: Oh yea most definitely, that is not who I am. I had a point to prove and I did. Now I am done!

Glam: You speak your mind, growing up did you experience any form of bulling?

Laura: Yea I of course, I am half Mexican. My mom is a Mexican. We speak Spanish. Our English were very broken, we went to all black schools and were called Taco Grande, Dorito, and the kids would go in on us. I didn’t know much English but I would say-‘F-U’, so I would stick my middle finger, (lol) I didn’t know any better then. Bulling is a form of not defending yourself. I was not going to let anyone push me around. I learned not to accept bulling or mistreatment. I remember in Elementary school I fought the biggest girl in school. I don’t care how much you come at me, I would never back down.

Glam: You lost 85 pounds after your kids, how did you do it, and what are your secret to keeping the weight off?

Laura: Well I want to tell people first and foremost you have to know your own body and diet. What works for me, might not work for anyone else. I’m naturally a very skinny girl. Before kids I was 117 pounds, I had four kids in five and a half years. By the fourth I was two hundred and twenty five pounds. So for me to get back to about one twenty five or one thirty would be ok. All my life I played sport. I didn’t want to go to the gym so I so I worked out at home. I have a DVD coming out about how I did it at home. People need to start believing that there is no quick fix to weight loss. I dedicated three months of my life to the rest of my life!

Glam: We see that you have nice hair, do you ever wear extension?

Laura: Yes I do, I wear clip in, and although I have very long hair it looks thin on camera. I am very afraid to wear a weave, don’t know why. I love clip ins.

Glam: Shaunie looks like she is getting rid of some of the casts, is this personal or do you think the show really needs a makeover?

Laura: I think both! The good thing about our show is that Shaunie has no say or editing rights. She can voice her opinions but that’s all. Do I think we need to revamp.. yes. We need to stay in the direction of what the title is about. When your audience doesn’t buy into something you end up losing them. This year we should be called the group. We were always having lunch. This shit is for the birds- come up with some real scenes.

Glam: What’s in Laura forecast, what other projects are you working on?

Laura: I have my workout DVD, my children book and my own extension clip in line. I have a lot going on, but there is so much you can do with four kids.

Glam: Being a mom, you kids are not on the show, how do you juggle being a mom and a reality star?

Laura: The only thing I have to stay committed to is my kids. A lot of people get lost in themselves. I am a mother first! My kids comes first, I would quit this show right now for the sake of my kids. My kids mean everything to me. I love them.

Glam: Reality comes with positive and negative twist, what are you positive, and what are the negative as it applies to you?

Laura: First the positive..people know you, the negative is their opinions. I try not to read into Twitter or Instagram. I have someone who reads my Twitter and they can only tell me the positive things. ..I don’t engage in it. I also remember its Reality TV.

Glam: What are your must haves on a regular day in your pocket book?

Laura: Ok you are going to be mad.. I cannot leave home without Pampers. It’s in my Bergen bag, I don’t care, and I rather not pull over to pee. I cannot live without it. My kids have to deal with it. (Laura cracking up) My lip gloss and hair tie, my hair is always in a bun. Oh yes and panties. I have four kids and when I sneeze, I can’t ketch my coto…

Glam: Do you really want me to write that,lol

Laura: Yes it’s the truth. I’m serious, if I don’t catch it, I pee on myself.

Glam: Well if you say! Your sis -Gloria has a cook book, are you just as handy in the kitchen, what is or are your favorite foods?

Laura: I don’t believe in going out to eat. I cook for my kids and I don’t believe in fast food. I cook every night. I always prepare a warm meal for the road. Oh wait- I also have a cook book coming out called 30 minutes meals. It’s going to be incorporated with Gloria ‘s book. I am so excited!!!

Glam: Who is your favorite artist of all times?

Laura: Who would I listen to all day, Alanis Morissette, Barbra Streisand and the late -Michael Jackson.

Glam: What sexes are your kids?

Laura: I have four children. Two boys and two girls. My first is a girl, who is six, the second a boy age five, the third a girl age three, and my last is a boy and he is one. I have all babies. It’s funny, all my kids are different shades and people would see me at the park with them, and say to me you make a great help,lol.

Glam: Do you bring the kid on set?

Laura: Sometimes I bring them, but they don’t know what I do, they think I’m a model. They always ask why people always want my They don’t watch TV anyway. I don’t put my kids on TV for free; they would have to pay me. I don’t want them to be subject to people’s opinions. No one talks about my babies.

Glam: Well it was glam pleasure chatting with you, we hope you still stay on as a cast member on Basketball La, we really need you as the fire.

Laura: Thank you so much for taking your time to interview me, Oh thanks again, I will be in touch. Merry Christmas to you and your Family.

Glam: Same to you xoxo…


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