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Bobbi Kristina is a hot!!! The reality show premiered last week, October 24th on Lifetime. The show is called ‘On Our Own’. And features the Houston family on their journey since the death of late Whitney Houston

Glam’s question is- who in the hell agreed to let the cameras in?! The show showed Bobbi Kristina on a downward spiral!!! She was always drunk and looked very high and her number one focus was her man and allegedly step brother-Nick Gordon who she claim was her friend that Whitney took in, after he was kicked out of his home.

What a coincident that Bobbi happened to be friends with this guy and begged her mom to rescue him… wonder what was her age then?! The family is not liking their new found love, and the fact that the relationship is a distraction to her getting on with her life. Never mind the fact that she is allegedly using drugs,etc. Glam is not sure where this story line is going, but the only way it should head is ‘Bobbi Kristiana going to Rehab’.

So young and lost…. Don’t know if we should sympathize with her. But she is definitely a little girl searching desperately for love.

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