20 Things You Can Do & Buy with $2.7-Million

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(Yonkers, NY) – All roads lead to Empire City Casino this winter as visitors set their eyes on the casino’s IGT Wheel of Fortune Triple Stars® slot machine, which surpassed the $2.7-million mark earlier this month, a win that would break the record for the highest-ever jackpot at any of New York State’s regulated casinos.


As each guest takes their turn, yearning to become an instant millionaire, one wonders what the winner would do with such an abundance of newly-found wealth. Empire City Casino has put together a list of 20 suggestions the winner could treat themselves to:

  1. Feed your avocado toast addiction forever with 1,350,000 avocados.
  2. Show off, and get yourself not one, but eight Rolls-Royce Wraiths, with enough left over for fuel.
  3. Feeling adventurous?  You can travel from NYC to Sydney, Australia – round-trip – 2,545 times.
  4. Celebrate with 55 bottles of Dom Pérignon Rose Gold champagne.
  5. Impress your date with two front row tickets to Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden – 2,000 times.
  6. Ladies can up their purse-game with 132 Birkin bags.
  7. With gas hovering around $2.76 per gallon, you can afford 978,260.9 gallons to fuel the ultimate road trip.
  8. Stay warm in the cold and invest in 3,016 Canada Goose parkas.
  9. Go Hollywood with 200,000 movie tickets.
  10. Be a true New Yorker and indulge in 2,700,000 dollar slices from 2 Bros.
  11. Rent Virgin Group founder, Richard Branson’s, private island for 34 days.
  12. Snatch up 203 pairs of Air Jordan III “Grateful” for the sneaker-heads in your life.
  13. Invite 869 of your closest friends to the Super Bowl for the ultimate football experience.
  14. New Year, new you? Stock up on 79,411 bottles of Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty foundation.
  15. You and 11,789 of your closest friends can go see Hamilton.
  16. Need a quick, family meal? Pick-up 491,803 Big Macs on your way home.
  17. Say “I do” 162 times with 162 Tiffany’s wedding bands.
  18. Your new iPhone X cracked already? Don’t worry – you have enough for 2,701 more.
  19. No need to shop for the holidays next year – you can now give 245,677 subscriptions to Netflix.
  20. Live like a star and spend 720 nights in Leonardo DiCaprio’s Palm Springs estate or 135 nights in Richard Gere’s NYC home.


Kevin Z. from Queens has played the IGT Wheel of Fortune Triple Stars® slot machine since before it reached such a milestone. When asked what he would do if he won the $2.7-million, he stated he would, “put aside for retirement, pay off my home, purchase property in Puerto Rico and help the island’s recovery.”


Yonkers resident Vincent L., who has been playing the IGT Wheel of Fortune Triple Stars® machine for the past year, enjoys Empire City Casino because it has the largest jackpot in the area. When asked what he would do if he won, he stated he would, “pay off all my bills, buy my mother a new home, and put money into my kid’s college fund – and buy myself a nice thing or two.”


Available only at Empire City Casino, the life-changing jackpot can be hit on one of only two machines, playing a $20 wager on the $10 denomination machine. The two slots have quickly become the talk of the floor, as eager patrons line-up to try their luck, hoping to join Empire City’s company of millionaires: Howard G. of Long Island, NY who won $1,473,503 in October 2015; and Linda H. of Thornwood, NY who took home a “nearly there” million dollar jackpot of $961,411 in November 2016.


So many options, so little time. Stop by Manhattan’s closest casino and take your chance at winning the life-altering jackpot today.


Empire City Casino is open seven days a week from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. and is located at 810, Yonkers, Ave in Yonkers, NY.For directions and public transit information, visit empirecitycasino.com.


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